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Names of the most exotic flowers in the world

Nature and its beautiful creations will never cease to amaze us. Despite admiring some of the most fascinating natural wonders, we always have new ones to discover. Taking into account that our planet has a great diversity of climates and landscapes, the shapes and colors of the flowers that grow in them are also very diverse.

Their colors, textures, aromas and shapes are different in all of them, but just as beautiful and fascinating. Do you want to know the names of the most exotic flowers in the world and delight yourself with their photos? Keep reading the following EcologiaVerde article and discover them.

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  1. Candy Cane
  2. Hakea Laurina
  3. Bat flower
  4. Hive ginger
  5. Chinese lantern
  6. porcelain flower
  7. Jade flower
  8. Passionflower
  9. Dracula orchid

Candy Cane

Although in reality the scientific name it receives is that of Oxalis Versicolor, this plant is better known by the name of Candy Cane. This name is not accidental, since the sinuous red lines on the red petals resemble the typical candy in the shape of a cane, frequent in different Anglo-Saxon countries during Christmas times.

The reality is that these forms can only be observed at night or in cold times of the year, when their petals are closed. During the day, its five petals open leaving only the white area of ​​its flower visible and a yellow heart in the center.

Hakea Laurina

The hakea laurina, also popularly known as the pincushion hakea, is a plant native to southern Australia that grows on bushes that can grow up to 6 meters tall. As in the previous case, the popular name is not accidental, but is due to the great resemblance that its flower has with a pincushion.

Thanks to the photo we can see its majestic shape, the pity is that it does not allow us to admire another of its great peculiarities, its great aroma.

Bat flower

If we say Tacca Chantieri, surely no one will know what we are referring to. However, by the name of bat flower or devil’s flower surely many plant lovers already know what it is. It is one of the most exotic and fascinating flowers in the world, with an appearance that resembles a bat , even with mustache-shaped petals emerging on both sides of its black flower.

The reality is that these “whiskers” are a claim for insects and birds, who come to pollinate it, but neither its black color nor its strange shape is the most surprising thing about this flower. And it is that among the most spectacular of this plant is that it is capable of releasing a smell similar to that of rotten meat with the intention of attracting flies and other insects.

Hive ginger

Under the name of zingiber, the Sanskrit word for horn shape, we find one of the most exotic flowers in the world . The reality is that the beauty of this flower is incredible, with a shape that defies any convention. Its shape, which resembles that of beehives, is enhanced by the blurred colors that go from yellow to red, passing through orange.

Chinese lantern

Although it is known as a lantern or Chinese lantern, the reality is that this flower is not Chinese but is Japanese. This plant, which blooms in late spring, appears with a white flower. However, when pollinated, they grow into a magnificent bundle of red and yellow colors that resemble a lantern. Inside, a fruit appears , besides great beauty you can eat and offers a lot of vitamin C .

porcelain flower

Unlike the previous case, the porcelain flower does have its origin in China. In addition to this name, it can also be known as a wax flower, both nicknames have the same point in common, that its appearance does not seem natural , that it looks like a flower made of wax or ceramic. Its delicacy and beauty do not match its size, as it does not exceed 2 centimeters. Despite its small size, a multitude of porcelain flowers growing on the creeper plant are a sight to see.

Jade flower

It is surely one of the best known exotic flowers on this list, but we should not stop mentioning it for that, because its beauty deserves it. Of Filipino origin, the name of jade comes from its color , which it shares with the precious mineral.

The sad thing about this story is that it is in serious danger of extinction as a result of the loss of its natural habitat, the gorge of the Philippine mountains, where deforestation is relentless. In addition, another cause is the diminishing colony of bats in the area that prevents their reproduction since these animals are their pollinators.


There are more than 530 plants in the passionflower or passionflower family, and all of them are beautiful exotic flowers with a hypnotizing purple color. Its origin is in the tropical countries of Central America and South America, however, some species have also spread through Oceania, Asia and Australia.

But surely, passionflower is not so well known for its exotic and beautiful flower, but its popularity is given by its enormous benefits and properties as a medicinal plant , basically by its action on the nervous system and in the treatment of anxiety symptoms .

Dracula orchid

The orchid is a type of plant that has about 120 different species. The dracula is one of these species and, surely, it is the most exotic and spectacular. The name does not come from the mythical baron who feeds on human blood, but comes from the derivation of the Latin word, whose meaning is that of a small dragon.

Its name comes from its strange appearance, black, reminiscent of the open mouth of a dragon .

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