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The Jasminum is one of the most beautiful shrubby plants that can be found in the world of gardening, a copy of which type of climber there are more than 350 species different with which you can cover your walls and walls of the most decorative form.

This time we want to talk to you about Yellow Jasmine (also known as Spring Jasmine or Jasminum mesnyi ), an ornamental specimen with delicate yellow flowers and long hanging branches that will give a most romantic aspect to your garden. Would you like to grow it? Take a look at what we tell you to know some of the most basic maintenance guides for this specimen of the oleaceae family.

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Basic Tips on Yellow Jasmine

Yellow jasmine can grow on other plants or on structures in which its growth is controlled, such as walls or balconies, for example. This is probably due to its vigorous growth and its hanging and arched branches (it does not have organs to support it), as they are some of the things that make it attract special attention among the rest of the species.

So do its beautiful flowers, which appear conspicuous on dark green foliage from late winter through early summer to provide a delicious scent and beautiful appearance for most of the year.

Grow yellow jasmine

Regarding the requirements of this type of Jasmine, the plant must be cultivated in spaces in full sun (although it tolerates cold climates down to 0ºC), in well-drained soils rich in organic matter and with moderate irrigation throughout year.

Do you want to know a curiosity? Its scented flowers are highly valued in the perfume industry and also serve to flavor infusions such as J. paniculatum and J. Sambac .

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