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Perfect plants and flowers for very sunny gardens

The perfect gardens are those that have sun and shade but there are also gardens that have sun all day and that can cause some other problems for the plants.

Having sun all day is a good sign because you will have a great garden to enjoy whenever there are sunny days, but for some plants this is a problem because so much sun can wilt and kill them. In this AgroCorrn article, we are going to talk to you about plants and flowers that will go well for your very sunny garden.

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  1. Calendula
  2. domestic nandina
  3. Veronica
  4. Create shadow areas


This beautiful flower that in addition to beautifying your garden, will bring you well-being just by looking at it thanks to its warm color. Calendula blooms at any time of the year so it will be perfect for your home. It will also need dry land and lots of sun , so if you have a sunny garden … it is perfect for you!

domestic nandina

This plant is also known as “Celestial Bamboo”. It is a shrub that has green leaves in summer but that change color when autumn arrives, adopting a very beautiful crimson red color that will make your garden a special place. This plant resists the sun very well, but if it shadows from time to time, nothing will happen to it.


This plant is beautiful and you can also have it in full sun because it will resist solar rays very well. It is a plant that will give you beautiful flowers in the shape of a spike, so it is a plant with different flowers to make your garden look sophisticated and innovative.

Create shadow areas

If you have plants that need sun and shade and you only have sun, you should create shady areas so that they can survive and not be damaged by the intense rays of the sun. For this reason, if you see that you have a plant that begins to wither because of the sun, do not hesitate for a second to create shady areas, but how to do it?

To create shady areas you will have to use ingenuity, for example: you can plant trees in your garden that provide shade for your plants or you can also create shade with elements such as a pergola or umbrellas.

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