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Winter plants with flowers for outdoor

If you like to have plants and flowers at home, surely, you have noticed that outdoors sometimes it is difficult to keep the flowers in good condition or even to make the plants bloom. This depends a lot on the climate in which we live and, above all, on the type of plant we have. Therefore, the best thing if we want to show off a beautiful terrace, garden or balcony is to choose plants that bloom in winter or autumn and that withstand low temperatures.

In AgroCorrn we reveal some of the winter plants with flowers for the outdoors that will give you the best results. Take note!

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  1. Durillo or wild laurel
  2. Thoughts or violates
  3. Rhododendron, another of the plants that bloom in winter
  4. Prímula obcónica
  5. Dragon mouth
  6. Wallflower or alelí

Durillo or wild laurel

Scientifically known as Viburnum tinus , this plant is perfect to have in a garden. It is a shrub very resistant to low temperatures, down to -15ºC, and it looks in perfect condition all year round. Durillo is one of the plants that blooms in winter , so if you add it to your garden, ground or terrace, you will have white flowers from mid-winter until well into spring.

In addition, the durillo or wild laurel requires little care, that is, it needs basic care like any other type of bush, but they are not continuous. With a suitable soil, that drains well, natural light with sun and shade and one watering a week it can grow and develop perfectly. However, if where you live it usually rains a lot, reduce the risks.

Remember that every year, once it no longer has flowers, it is necessary to prune the entire bush so that the driest parts are eliminated.

Thoughts or violates

The violas or thoughts are one of the flowering plants in winter popular there. They can be planted directly in the ground in a field or garden or, they can be had in pots without any problem. Undoubtedly, they are one of the favorite plants for this time and for decorating exteriors because their flowers are of very varied colors, each one being a single color or even three different colors. If you opt for this plant, your garden will surely look almost like spring.

They bloom during the winter and, in addition, they tend to withstand low temperatures and frosts very well. In fact, even if they lose a flower, there is nothing to worry about, since they continue to bloom throughout the winter season.

It is suitable to place this plant in an area of ​​direct light or semi-shade, it does not have to be watered much and the soil must be somewhat loose. Watering, in fact, can be every 3 or 4 days. Its scientific name is Viola x wittrockiana .

Rhododendron, another of the plants that bloom in winter

The plant scientifically known as Rhododendron is perfect to have outside during the winter. It maintains the green color of its leaves throughout the year and blooms during the months of January and February.

The rhododendron is a shrub that can become very large and its flowers can be from white to light pink or very deep pink. In this case, it is necessary to locate the plant in an area protected from frost , since although it thrives in winter it does not withstand temperatures that are too low.

Prímula obcónica

There are many varieties of primroses, but the primrose obconica or Primula obconica is the one that best withstands the cold and maintains its flowers. Therefore, it is widely used to decorate exteriors in winter . Its flowers are very colorful and it is a very resistant plant, since it can withstand up to -5ºC in good conditions.

They bloom from mid-winter to early spring and have a wide variety of colors and tones . For it to develop well, it is necessary that a little compost be added every few months so that it is well nourished, that the soil drains well so that it does not puddle and that the watering is done every 2 or 3 days. In addition, it is necessary to locate it in an area that gives it direct natural light, so try to water it when the sun is already low to prevent its leaves, stems and flowers from burning.

Dragon mouth

This plant with a curious common name is identified as Antirrhinum majus when scientifically speaking. This is one of the plants that bloom in winter that should be kept outdoors and planted in the ground or, in a fairly large pot, the reason is because it can grow up to 2 meters high.

In addition to offering colorful flowers in a wide variety of colors and tones, the snapdragon is an edible plant . Although it copes well with winter and blooms, it should be noted that it does not withstand frost or excessively low temperatures well.

Wallflower or alelí

Finally, a winter flowering plant that does well outside is the wallflower. It is a very well-known and rustic plant, that is, it supports the exterior very well, such as gardens, terraces, balconies and windows, even when there are low temperatures .

Its flowers, although they are simple, are very fragrant and colorful. The wallflower or E rysimum cheiri can be grown directly on the ground both slightly loose soil and pot. The watering of the wallflower can be done every 3 days and it is convenient to locate this plant in an area where it receives enough sunlight, place it in the part of your garden, terrace or balcony that receives more hours of light per day.

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