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Tips for transplanting palm trees according to their size

Palm trees are an excellent decorative option both for your garden and for the interior of the home, and there are many species for you to choose the one that best suits your needs, not only for beauty but also for the environmental characteristics or size of the copies. Their care is very important and we have already talked to you about that on other occasions, so today I would like to focus on transplanting palm trees and how it should be done.

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How to transplant a palm tree

Transplanting a palm tree is nothing more than removing it from the ground to re-plant it in another place, something that usually occurs due to different circumstances such as that the pot or the place where it is planted has become too small or that the land is no longer it is valid for it to be there and it has to be put elsewhere.

Take note and so you will know how to transplant a palm tree according to its size :

  1. In the first place, tell you that the most suitable time to do it is during spring or summer since it is necessary that there be warm temperatures so that the abundant emission of roots is favored.
  2. If you have a small palm tree, you should know that its transplant is like that of any other bush and that you can do it without help. Water the day before so that the soil is moist and does not crumble when you remove it and also tie the palms to be able to work more comfortably. Dig a trench around the palm tree to be able to leave the root ball loose and remove it comfortably, and when you have it wrap it in a hard plastic to be able to extract and move the entire palm tree without damaging the root ball. Plant it as soon as possible in its new location.
  3. If you have a medium or large palm tree, you need other means than if it is small since it is a more complicated operation, also requiring a crane truck or a mechanical shovel to be able to lift it by weight and move it to its new location. The normal thing is to hire a gardening company when the palm tree is of these sizes since they will know how to do it safely and more efficiently than, probably, any of us would.

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