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Common plants and flowers that attract butterflies to your garden

Who doesn’t like to see a pretty butterfly flutter around the garden? Other insects such as bees, wasps or flies we do not like so much that they are roaming because they are annoying to us, but butterflies are something else. truth? When it comes to the garden to perch on the plants or flowers, it is an extra and natural decoration that we cannot miss since they are beautiful and highly aesthetic animals.

There are many more than one hundred thousand species of butterflies in our world and all of them are beautiful although they do not live too long, the most fortunate being a few months of life, and the least only a few hours … we cannot deny their beauty and how we love it. to the whole world to see them fly around us. There are those who think that when butterflies approach a person and flutter over his head, it is to announce changes in his life. What a mistery! In AgroCorrn, we show you which are the plants and flowers that attract butterflies to your garden.

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  1. Parsley
  2. Alfalfa
  3. Margaritas
  4. Sunflower


You will have this plant safe at home so you can not only plant it in your garden to attract them but you can also put it on the balcony or on the windows to see if they want to come around to flutter and delight in its presence.

butterflies like to eat parsley to them so almost certain that if parsley plants you’ll see them soon. When it is barely left, remember to put more so they don’t stop coming to your window to feed.


Alfalfa is also easy to find so you will surely have no problems when you want to plant it. This plant is the favorite food of blue butterflies so don’t think twice and plant alfalfa both in your garden and in pots on your windows … you won’t regret it!


Who doesn’t love margaritas? Without a doubt, it is a beautiful flower that brings joy to any garden or home, so it is undoubtedly a good option to consider. In addition to the beauty that this flower will bring to your home, both caterpillars and butterflies are attracted to them thanks to the nectar they contain.


I have always loved sunflowers because they are the same or more beautiful than daisies and they also beautify any garden if you plant many together. In addition, beautiful butterflies will come close to being together with these flowers while you observe them as if they were a spring postcard.

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