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In this AgroCorrn article I am going to show you some of the tree species that you can find in your city and, if you are one of those lucky ones with private land, plant them and take care of them in your garden.

These trees with beautiful flowers fill the landscape with color, showing off their magnificent coloration. Therefore, to make it much easier for you to find those that have your favorite color, I have divided the different species into independent categories. Learn a little more about these flowering tree species and enjoy their spectacular flowering.

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  1. Trees with pink flowers
  2. Trees with white flowers
  3. Trees with yellow flowers
  4. Trees with purple and blue flowers
  5. Trees with red flowers
  6. Trees with orange flowers

Trees with pink flowers

Cercis Siliquastrum or Tree of Love

This tree with pink flowers is native to southern Europe and Asia. Belonging to the Fabaceae family, it reproduces by seeds and is very resistant to both drought and soils with lime. In addition, it supports well the frosts and the high temperatures during the summer. It is a spice widely used in gardens, forming small alignments or as a point of color in squares. It is deciduous and its flowering time occurs during spring.

Lagerstroemia indica or Jupiter tree

Belonging to the family Lythraceae, it has a shrubby habit reaching a maximum height of 5 meters. This deciduous tree maintains its beauty even without leaves thanks to the pink color of its bark. Its flowering season begins in summer and ends in late autumn.

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Albizia julibrissin or Acacia of Constantinople

Its flowering occurs between the months of June and July. This tree with pink flowers belongs to the Mimosaceae or Legumes family and is native to Asia. It is usually grown both isolated specimen and in alignment. Its leaves are a more intense green and the flowers have strong pink stamens with reddish ends. It is also known as the silk tree for the softness of its flower petals.

Trees with white flowers

Magnolia grandiflora or magnolio

Native to the United States, it is an evergreen tree that offers abundant and very showy flowering during spring and early summer. Its leaves are deep green and its flowers are white and large. Therefore it is widely used in gardening for its ornamental value.

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Robinia pseudoacacia o falsa acacia

It is a fast growing deciduous tree that can live for more than 200 years. It stands out for its flowering in clusters of white and perfumed flowers during spring. In addition, it can reach a height of up to 30 meters.

Bauhinia candicans Benth o pata de vaca

This tree with white flowers is native to the banks of the Uruguay River. It stands out for its large leaves that can measure up to 10 cm in length and for its abundant flowering. It is widely used in avenues and in gardens.

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Trees with yellow flowers

Koelreuteria paniculata or China soap maker

Its flowering begins in the month of May and lasts until the end of June. This tree with yellow flowers is widely used to decorate large avenues. This is because it is a very resistant species and not very demanding regarding its care.

Handroanthus chrysanthus o araguaney

Known for its spectacular flowering as it is the national tree of Venezuela, the Araguaney is a tree widely used in parks and gardens. Its roots are deep so they do not lift the asphalt or the cobblestones of the streets. It only loses its leaves during times of drought and before flowering, hence the yellow color stands out so much.

Laburnum anagyroides or golden rain

This is another of the most well-known trees with yellow flowers. It is a tree of about 7 meters in length that can be grown in a pot thanks to its shrubby character. Its flowering epic is in spring where its branches are filled with long clusters of yellow flowers.

Trees with purple and blue flowers

Paulownia tomentosa the Kiri tree

It is one of the trees with purple flowers native to China and Japan most valued in gardening. Medium in size, this deciduous tree is fast growing and offers large flowers set in terminal trumpet-shaped panicles.

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Jacaranda mimosifolia or jacaranda tree

Known for its spectacular flowering during late spring and early summer, the jacaranda is one of the trees with blue, lilac or pink flowers, as they move between these tones, most used in parks and gardens. This is one of the lilac-flowered trees that is native to Argentina and Bolivia. It does not require much care, although it prefers sunny places.

Melia azedarach or tree of paradise

Medium-sized and with a caudad leaf, this tree with white and lilac flowers is native to Asia. It is cultivated as an ornamental species and for the pleasant perfume of its flowers. Its flowering begins from early spring to early summer.

Trees with red flowers

Erythrina corallodendron or Eritrina

This tree with leaves flowers comes from South America so it prefers a mild climate and sunny areas. The striking coloration of its leaves makes it a widely used tree both in avenues and in isolation.

Punica granatum or granado

This small deciduous tree has a very characteristic twisted trunk. In addition to its tasty fruit, it is known for its spectacular flowering. Its bell-shaped flowers can appear solitary or in groups and it has a very striking reddish coloration.

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Brachychiton acerifolius or fire tree

This tree can reach up to 12 meters in height and is fast growing. Although it does not flower until a few years have passed, it offers very showy red flowers grouped in axillary clusters.

Trees with orange flowers

Delonix regia or flamboyant tree

Also known as chivato or tabachín, it is a well-known and popular species for its colorful flowers, which can be red, orange or lilac. The large number of its flowers makes it one of the most colorful trees in the world, and it can reach 12 meters in height.

Colvillea racemosa or Colville’s glory tree

It is a species that belongs to the Fabaceae family. It is a highly sought after tree for its bright, bright orange flowers that grow in large cylindrical formations. It is a native plant of Madagascar, widely cultivated in Australia and North America.

Grevillea robusta or Silky Oak or Australian Oak

It is a fast-growing perennial tree that can reach 35 meters in height and produces flowers that are between gold and orange, very showy and showy, although they can cause dermatitis in some people. It is a species native to Australia.

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