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Small trees: names, characteristics and photos

Trees are that element that gives strength and personality to any green space, making it impossible to ignore their presence. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have large gardens or green spaces in which to grow any type of tree. However, a large garden is not necessary to be able to enjoy some trees.

If you wonder what trees can be planted in a small garden or what trees can I plant on your terrace, you have come to the right place because, in this AgroCorrn article, we are going to teach you 11 names of small trees so that you have to choose from.

  1. Acer ginnala
  2. Acer palmatum
  3. Arbutus unedo
  4. Syringa vulgaris
  5. Lagerstroemia indica
  6. Cercis siliquastrum
  7. Thuja occidentalis
  8. Magnolia sieboldii
  9. Cornus
  10. Nerium oleander
  11. Malus sylvestris

Acer ginnala

The so-called Love Maple is one of those considered small trees for pot or small gardens , as it is a very resistant species to pruning. It is a tree of the Sapindaceae family, which can reach heights of between 5 and 10 meters depending on how favorable its conditions are. With the arrival of the warm months, it produces a large number of small yellowish flowers.

Acer palmatum

The Japanese Maple is one of the best-known small Japanese trees in the world, in part because of its commonality in the jobs of bonsai lovers . It is a shrubby plant, with a size that in its natural state varies between 3 and 8 meters in height. It is a delicate and slow-growing plant, which stands out for its unique bearing and for its leaves, which when they sprout are a beautiful red hue.

Arbutus unedo

The strawberry tree , or Arbutus unedo , is currently a symbol of the city of Madrid. It is one of the small fruit trees that we can grow in small gardens, since it does not usually exceed 7 meters in height. It is slow growing and requires well-drained soil. Its fruits can be consumed, and in fact with them a rich-tasting liquor is made.

Here we leave you a guide on How to grow small or potted fruit trees .

Syringa vulgaris

Usually called Lila or Lilo , it is a deciduous shrub that reaches heights of up to 6 meters , although it will usually stay well below. They can be grown individually, or several of them can be planted to form beautiful hedges, thanks to their broad, beautiful green leaves. It needs a location in full sun and frequent waterings.

Lagerstroemia indica

Another tree for small gardens is the Lagerstroemia indica , it is also called the Jupiter Tree or crepe and it is a tree with origin in China, which, although it can reach 15 meters in height, usually remains well below. It is a plant of great ornamental value, both for its spring inflorescences of pink tones and for its trunk, with a twisted and very beautiful appearance.

In this other post you can see the Care of the Jupiter tree .

Cercis siliquastrum

The Judas or Judea tree , or also sometimes called the tree of love , is a tree from the southern part of Europe and the western part of Asia, which reaches heights of between 6 and 12 meters . It is a deciduous species that produces a very showy flowering with the arrival of spring, with small pinkish flowers that cover a good part of the branches, still without leaves by then. It needs a lot of light and appreciates hot climates, in addition to withstanding droughts well.

Thuja occidentalis

The Canadian Thuja or Tree of Life is a conifer that, although it can reach great heights, is so adaptable that we can have it without problems in small gardens, where it will maintain a lower height. Thus, it can measure between 10 and 20 meters , depending on the space available. It is one of the longest-lived evergreen small garden trees , and it can live more than 1,000 years. It needs to be in full sun and it is advisable to locate it about 4 meters away from pipes. To plant it, you should know that it requires acid soils.

Magnolia sieboldii

The magnolias are trees tremendously appreciated ornamentally for its flowers , magnolias, covering the branches before it even leaves sprout, giving the magnolio a tremendously striking appearance. There are very large species, up to 30 meters, but there are some that are considered small, such as the Magnolia sieboldii It is a small tree that generally measures about 5 or 7 meters , but if we have a very small space and we want to make sure that it does not grow much , it is advisable to use one of the following hybrids: Betty, Susan, Jane, Ann, Judy.

In this link you will see 20 ornamental trees like this tree and here you can consult the Basic care of the magnolia tree .


The so-called male dogwood is a small deciduous tree or shrub, which is maintained at a size of between 5 and 12 meters in height. Its leaves are a showy bright green when they sprout, to turn a showy red when fall arrives. Its flowers sprout long before the leaves as well, giving rise to clusters of these tiny yellow flowers that dress the bare branches of the tree.

Nerium oleander

Better known as oleander , this shrub up to 5 meters high is very common in small gardens in the Mediterranean area, where it is appreciated for its showy pink flowers, which appear in spring and last for a long time. It is very undemanding to its care and can be grown without problems in a pot.

Malus sylvestris

Commonly called the crabapple , this small tree rarely exceeds 4 meters in height, making it a great option for our selection as well. Its main attraction is its flowering, which can be white, red or pink, and that the tree produces in large quantities when it receives enough sun.

Now that you have discovered these 11 trees for small gardens and pots , we encourage you to learn more about the different types of trees and about 12 trees to reforest .

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