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Recycle rainwater for consumption

Collecting and reusing rainwater domestically does not require sophisticated collection methods. Although there are special automatic systems to collect it at the community level, and even allow it to be available throughout the house and each time we open a tap, its convenience will depend on the rainfall patterns of each area. In any case, it will be enough to put a bucket on the balcony so that it fills up every time it rains or, even better, install a barrel connected to the gutters. However, there are different techniques and methods to recycle rainwater for consumption and in the following agrocorrn article we will explain them to you.

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  1. Collection barrels
  2. Looking for self-sufficiency
  3. For garden care


Collection barrels

It will be enough to have a balcony, terrace, a garden, private or communal, to install them. In this second case, it will be necessary to request prior permission from the community and even propose to install several for common use in neighborhood green areas or to wash cars, etc.

In our home, using rainwater has many more uses. In addition to watering plants or washing the car, we can use it for anything else:

  • The toilet
  • Wash our hair
  • Bathing our pet
  • Make the dishes
  • The laundry

Except for its ingestion , simply for prevention, because to drink rainwater we should subject it to analysis and previous treatments to consider it suitable for consumption.

Looking for self-sufficiency

If our intention is to be self-sufficient, that is, to dispense with drinking water, we must bear in mind that we need tanks with a minimum capacity of 50,000 liters and, of course, a favorable climate. Therefore, we will have to take into account both the space necessary to house these tanks and the rainfall patterns.

In any case, at the same time that we install a collection system, if the motivation is to save water, a good option is to install accessories and equipment that minimize the consumption of drinking water in the taps and in the distribution system. Finally, let’s not forget to improve our consumption habits when using both water.

For garden care

As we have already explained at the beginning, connecting a barrel to the channel through which the water from the roofs is derived so that they do not flood is a very popular system. We can buy the barrel or make it ourselves, conveniently preparing it to collect it and then offer it through a small tap to which, if we wish, it will be easy to connect the hose.

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