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How to save energy at Christmas

Christmas is a time for family gatherings and celebrations. Also, in the northern hemisphere, long and cold nights that require a lot of energy to heat rooms. In the cities, the Christmas lights have already been turned on, another energy expenditure. More than at any other time of the year, on these special dates we must try to save energy, for the environment and for our pocketbook.

In many cities, to illuminate the streets, led lights are already used, which consume less energy. It would be even better not to use any type of lighting, but anyway … You have to transfer the idea to the houses and illuminate the Christmas decorations with this type of light that can save 90% compared to traditional bulbs.

Here are some tips to save energy during the holidays (and throughout the year, as the case may be).

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  1. Turn off all electronic devices
  2. Food preservation
  3. Drinks
  4. Food preparation
  5. Dishwashing
  6. Christmas lights
  7. Gifts

Turn off all electronic devices

This is especially important if you are traveling and away from home for a few days. All devices that remain in standby continue to consume energy uselessly . Televisions, computers, alarm clocks, the modem, etc. should be turned off before leaving on a trip.

Food preservation

Refrigerators and freezers work better the longer the door is closed. They must be opened, take all the food that we are going to cook and close as soon as possible . It is better to keep the door open for a moment than to keep it open and closed.


Going green is not at odds with having fun. You just have to use a little common sense. If you buy a lot of drink because you have a big party, you can store some of it in the garage, on the porch or on the terrace. In many places, the outside temperature will be close to that of the refrigerator. Or even colder.

Food preparation

Use a smaller appliance with a tight-fitting lid. If you can use a pressure cooker, the better, since it cooks food in less time . The oven must also be well closed so that it does not lose heat. If possible, prepare more than one dish at a time.


Using the dishwasher with a full load is more environmentally friendly than hand washing, since it uses less water (and more comfortable, on the other hand). If the dishes are rinsed quickly so that no food remains stuck, the better.

Christmas lights

Although it is efficient lighting, it spends. So, at night, since nobody is enjoying them, better turn them off. They are several hours of energy savings. If the tree has enough lights , the light in the room can be turned off. If there is no one in a room, the light must be turned off.


In the case of electronic devices , it is preferable to give the most efficient ones, which have the Energy Star label. A way for the recipient of the gift to save energy throughout the year.

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