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The devices that consume the most energy

A question that often hangs around our heads, especially if we are concerned about ecology and energy saving, is to know how much is consumed per month in a home and which appliances need more energy. Knowing how it works, we can also know the habits that we must adopt at home to reduce general consumption, which, in the long run and contributed individually, affects the environment and, in addition, will make us save large amounts on the bill of the light, every time a greater scourge for the domestic economies. Discover in the following EcologiaVerde article the devices that consume the most at home .

  1. Appliances that consume the most energy
  2. Much of the energy is spent in the kitchen
  3. List of household appliances that use more light
  4. How to save energy at home

Appliances that consume the most energy

According to one of the indicative premises, the refrigerator and the lightingare the great penalties of the energy of the house. Light is essential, but in order not to abuse it, we have to try to take full advantage of natural lighting (even easier during the summer months). To do this, calculate which spaces in your home enjoy more hours of natural light and establish the place where you spend the most time there (a desk, the table where you usually cook, the sofa where the family sits…). Carrying out family activities in a single room, instead of using the light in several of them, we will be reducing electricity daily and, at the same time, enhancing social and family life. Make sure that no lights stay on, especially if we are going to be away for a long time, and use long-lasting ecological bulbs.

The refrigerator , being plugged in all the time, also consumes a lot (almost one part of every five of the total consumption). Perhaps it is time to “retire” the old refrigerator, buy a new ecological refrigerator and remember practices like never putting hot breath in, so that the appliance does not need more force.

In winter, heating takes 9% of total consumption. Although it is essential in homes, responsible use will revert to incredible savings on the electricity bill. If the house is not large and it is not too cold, turning it on for an hour at low power may be enough to keep it warm. In addition, we can keep the heat with little tricks, such as soft carpets and rugs, thick curtains and insulate the house conveniently. A house that is too hot is also not comfortable and increases the risk of colds.

The television , always depending on how many hours it is used, is usually another of the devices that consumes the most. Turn it off and unplug it whenever you stop using it and calculate your daily consumption. If no one is watching and you have it on so you don’t have your house in silence, consider other alternatives such as the radio. Encouraging children to do other activities, such as reading or crafts instead of too many hours of television, will be a great idea. (Also, ecological!)

The washing machine also spends a lot in a house (8%), so it is advisable to run it only with full loads , not to wash a couple of things that we can easily do by hand, or we are not in such a hurry. Nor is it necessary that we always wash at 90 degrees, some garments clean very well with 40 degrees and shorter programs, especially in summer, when we often wash clothes to remove bad odors from perspiration, but not because they have stains.

Much of the energy is spent in the kitchen

The vitroceramic or electric stove has clearly prevailed over gas, but the truth is that they consume 9% of the entire home. Remember to make a responsible use of it and use objects such as lids on pots and pans, since these make food to be made before, assuming savings in the long run.

The small appliances also consume their part, such as iron, or to a lesser extent the dryer. Don’t leave them plugged in and use them only when needed.

The electric oven also consumes a lot, 4% of the home, because we do not use it normally every day. Remember to plug it in only when necessary , do not put frozen food in and monitor cooking without opening the door so as not to lose heat.

The rest of appliances and appliances in a house (dishwasher, microwave …) spend a little less, but even so it is necessary to keep track and not make excessive use of them.

Now that we have an idea about the home appliances that are most enemies of saving, we have the keys to not spending too much energy at home.

List of household appliances that use more light

  1. Fridge.
  2. TV.
  3. Washing machine.
  4. Stand By.
  5. Oven.
  6. Vitroceramic a.
  7. Dishwasher.
  8. Computers
  9. Illumination.
  10. Dryer.

How to save energy at home

Electric energy is a fundamental element in our daily life but, unfortunately, it is still being used more than we need. As we have said many times, when it comes to acquiring an appliance or appliance, we are taking a key path to achieve that energy saving at home.

Fortunately, there are more and more eco-labeled , durable, and much more positive home appliances . By acquiring one of these, we are taking a first big step towards saving electricity at home.

In addition, responsible behaviors must be acquired , such as not leaving certain appliances plugged in all the time, not forgetting to turn off the lights and reduce the use of some of them. For example, turn on the oven to heat just one loaf.

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