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5 revolutionary green inventions

The inventiveness of the human being is surprising in many fields, but when the objective is to improve the health of the planet and of those who inhabit it, it must be recognized that the imagination can reach unsuspected limits. The harvest of ecological inventions is prolific Many of them, in addition, surprise and amuse at the same time and, above all, they can change things, with which they also make us trust in a better world.

But why are there so many curious green inventions? Indeed, we are experiencing an explosion of ingenuities that seek to take care of the planet. Within the heyday of ecology as a new trend, creating to solve ecological problems is also in fashion. According to the trend consultancy Avant Guide Institute, green creativity is a major trend. Above all, when it comes to achieving the long-awaited sustainability. In this AgroCorrn article, we showcase 5 revolutionary green inventions.

  1. Inventions that want to change the world
  2. Water-powered economy cars?
  3. Old clothes, new clothes
  4. Showers save 90 percent water
  5. Cleaning the seas
  6. A twin tractor

Inventions that want to change the world

In this post we review five inventions that could change the world. Some are already on the market, others are simply projects, they hope to be applied shortly, they continue to be refined or are in the prototype phase, waiting for their moment to come. But all of them have enormous potential.

Regardless of their differences, if they become popular, they would help solve important problems while still satisfying current levels of well-being. Although some fail to attack the root problem, and only suppose a simple patch, their objective and results somehow make up for it. And, in any case, they are surprising and the world awaits them like May water.

Economy cars powered by water?

That nanotechnology is not a novelty in itself, but the creation of an efficient and low-cost biomaterial capable of catalyzing hydrogen formation with great efficiency. The invention opens the door to countless applications.

Among other possibilities, it makes the production of hydrogen and oxygen possible as the splitting of water in a respectful way with the environment. Ideal, therefore, to power affordable hydrogen cars.

Old clothes, new clothes

Inventing a printer that turns old clothes into new clothes is much more than betting on 3D printing. In addition, this invention is a hymn to recycling and saving transportation throughout the production process.

It is designed to be kept at home and, unless we are very capricious and make it work too much, it is an eco-friendly invention with incredible revolutionary potential. The invention was among the semifinalists in the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab contest.

Showers save 90 percent water

This list could not miss an invention that would promote water saving. In this case, there are several shower models that allow you to save it in a big way.

The Hamwells company has just presented its invention: e-Shower , a shower that saves 80 percent energy and 90 percent water. It achieves this through an ingenious recycling system in almost real time, which allows water to be reused 7 times each time we shower.

A couple of years ago, the OrbSys shower already offered similar savings. Invented by the Swiss industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, it was based on a closed system that reused water following a process that also makes it instantly potable.

Or, as a third option, the Showerloop is also a surprising proposition. Regardless of the time we spend in the shower, we will not use more than 10 liters of water. Its filtration system also makes that great little miracle of simultaneous purification possible.

Cleaning the seas

The invention of the young Dutchman Boyan Slat aims very high. Its revolutionary system aims to recover plastic garbage from the world’s oceans and is beginning to demonstrate its potential to do so.

A pilot project that works on the Japanese coast, in the south of the country, will be the definitive test to convince of what it is capable of achieving. His great objective, to rid the Pacific of the great patch of plastic garbage.

His experimental device is designed to absorb and recycle millions of tons of marine plastic. He also plans a larger-scale test between Hawaii and California in 2020. Although, it must be said, his system raises questions regarding a possible environmental impact of the ecosystem.

A twin tractor

The bicitractor can seem a bit ridiculous. They look funny, no doubt about that, but this is a clear example of how laughter can be compatible with serious goals.

It is a Spanish winter, and its objective is to be useful for organic production or permaculture. Logically, if bio agriculture wants to be consistent with a green philosophy, its own and look for alternatives to traditional tractors.

In this case, the idea seems more interesting than the realization, but there is no doubt that it is a brave proposal, which shows how far you can go when you really want to bet on the green lifestyle.

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