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What is eco-efficiency?

Eco-efficiency is a compound word that, as it is easy to guess, speaks of ecology and efficiency, which refers us to the idea of ​​sustainability applied to caring for or respecting the environment in a broad sense.

If we consider that efficiency is a sum of effectiveness and optimal use of resources to achieve it, we have that eco-efficiency is a way to achieve that good use of resources for ecological purposes. Therefore, making use of resources in favor of sustainability will be to carry out an action or have an eco-efficient behavior or attitude.

We have to go back to the year 1992 to find the origin of the term. It was at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), when it was first used with the aim of increasing productivity by polluting less. Or, what is the same, the squaring of the circle is pursued, although this apparent utopian approach is not always so.

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Reduce resource usage

Indeed, we are still a long way from a growth model that does not put the planet in check, but this does not mean that it should be renounced. As a trend, eco-efficiency is not an impossibility, but a desideratum , something to which one has to tend when one wants to respect the environment.

Thus, eco-efficiency looks for ways to reduce the use of resources within a goal of maximum possible efficiency, be it in the use of water, air, soil, energy, waste, protection of biodiversity or the consumption in its most varied aspects.

In short, it is intended to reduce the ecological impact (carbon footprint, emissions, environmental disasters, etc.) whether from a domestic, business, institutional, scientific or any other approach. But not only with environmental responsibility, but trying to play the best possible card for a development that does not neglect well-being, economic growth or performance.

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