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How to wash your car with little or no water

Making a responsible use of water includes washing the car, obviously, since cleaning it by hand means wasting an average of 250 liters, which even multiplies by two if we do it with a clean hose.

Indeed, it is enough to resort to the scandal figures that move – the savings would reach up to 7,000 liters per vehicle per year, depending on the cleaning method chosen – to agree that it is necessary to bet on cleaning as green as possible. But how can we wash the car saving water or, even better, without even using it?

Go ahead, the most ecological thing is not to wash it or do it dry. Yes, although it may seem difficult, it is possible to wash the car without water and, very importantly, without leaving it full of scratches, and I am not referring to innovative dry cleaning systems but to biodegradable cleaners created for this specific use. Or there are also a number of companies that, like Ecowash, work at home to make the car impeccable without spending even a drop of water.

Therefore, every time our car needs a facelift, it would be interesting to choose the option that best suits our preferences, possibilities and, above all, with our ecological conscience. Let’s see, then, the alternatives and what water costs they suppose to be properly informed. At AgroCorrn, we tell you how to wash your car with little or no water .

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Different alternatives to wash the car with little or no water

If you decide on the aforementioned dry cleaners , such as Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine, the trick to a good finish is to first remove the dust with a feather duster or similar, always without scratching, and then wipe the product with microfiber cloths .

Discarding the traditional washing by hand or with a hose, which consumes a whopping 250 to 500 liters of water , other interesting options with water would be the use of a pressure washer (70 liters), washing tunnels that recycle water or with guns of water under pressure that does not exceed fifty liters per vehicle.

And what about washing it with the buckets of a lifetime? It is a very good alternative, as it has been proven that a couple of them can suffice. It is not easy, we must admit, especially if the car is lost, in which case we could increase to three cubes. The trick to achieving this is to be restrained, lather with the first and rinse with the second and third.

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