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If you have a very cute begonia and you would like to reproduce it to beautify your home or to give a copy to a relative. By cutting , you can get new plants with the same characteristics of the “mother” plant.

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Steps to reproduce a begonia

To reproduce a begonia you just have to follow these 3 simple steps :

  1. Cut a large, healthy leaf and remove the stem that connects it to the plant.
  2. Then make a few cuts to the main veins of the blade. Place the sheet on a tray with damp soil and secure it with bent wires so that the cuts are always in contact with the substrate (you can also hold it with stones).
  3. Leave the plant with its pot in a bright and cool place , make sure that the substrate maintains a little humidity.

After a few weeks you will see new leaves appear where you had made the cuts in the nerves, while you will see that the original leaf is deteriorating. Wait for the new leaves to grow more, then you can transplant them to the planters.

Final tip

You can perform this cutting procedure with any type of begonia , but it will be easier with the Begonia Rex . Now you have learned to multiply a begonia to have many of the same. Without a doubt, its flowers are very pretty because of their cheerful color.

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