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Many people like plants very much, but they do not usually dare to have them because they do not have much time to dedicate to their care. It is also often the case that there is not much space to put them, and because you do not have much knowledge on the subject, you let yourself go instead of investigating what options there are. Anyone can have plants, which will have to be chosen depending on the time or space available.

There are a wide variety of plants that do not need much attention, so they are perfect for people who do not have much time to care for them or who may not have a knack for them. If any is your case, keep reading and I will recommend a few plants that do not need much care , without a doubt perfect for you.

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They need little water …

Choosing plants that need little watering is a great option if you don’t have time, because if you have one that needs a lot of water, you will die by not taking care of it. In this case, go for chrysanthemums, bougainvillea, alelli, geraniums, water lilies, begonias, marigolds, or winter hydrangeas.

They need little light …

The above are also perfect for indoor spaces or shady areas, in which case you can also choose shrubs, aralias, cicas, ivy, ferns or hardwoods. All of them can be developed in spaces with little light, whether indoors or outdoors, so if you have space they are a good option to create an environment with them and get something special.

colored plants

If you want to have colorful plants that adapt to not being able to take good care of them, agapanthus is one of the best options since it only needs a few hours of sun a day and will give beautiful blue flowers in summer. The tricolor dracaena is also perfect to decorate, and it will be enough to water it a little in winter and only once a week during the summer. The Coreopsis is perfect to be in a window that receives a daily sun.

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