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Why is World Recycling Day celebrated?

Many of us think that every day should be Recycling Day, as it is an issue that must be part of our daily lives if we want to make a difference and help improve the current state of the planet. In any case, there is currently a specific day in which this matter is given greater weight and in which both organizations and governments participate officially, as well as individuals.

Officially, World Recycling Day is celebrated on May 17 every year. But why is World Recycling Day celebrated? And why on this day? At AgroCorrn we tell you about it and we also give you ideas on how to celebrate it, as well as some messages that can help spread the importance of recycling.

What day is International Recycling Day celebrated and why this day

As we mentioned at the beginning, the day to mark on the calendar as World Recycling Day is May 17 of each year. It is a date in which it is sought that the largest possible number of people become aware and throughout the day recycle as much as possible and, in addition, begin to change their habits and recycle in their day to day life.

But why is May 17 World Recycling Day? Members of UNESCO or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization declared May 17 to be International Recycling Day . The truth is that in recent years, it has become increasingly important around the world and more countries and people participate, which is a great advance.

Why celebrate World Recycling Day

It was decided to celebrate the International Recycling Day because the need for all of us to participate in this process is currently imperative, since that we do it together is already the only way to stop the accelerated deterioration that the planet is suffering.

This day is celebrated with the idea of reducing pollution and giving more useful life to the materials we use, in addition to that we get to participate in reducing various social and economic problems.

Thus, through the messages and activities carried out on this day, to make the population aware of environmental problems and the participation of the 3Rs of ecology in solving these problems, emphasizing being more active In recycling, UNESCO, and in general and in many countries around the world, want us to give more life to the Earth by stopping the abuse we have of it in our current way of life. Only then can we continue to enjoy this planet and future generations can have a future.

How to celebrate World Recycling Day

The best way to celebrate International Recycling Day is, without a doubt, to participate more than ever in this process. It encourages that both at home, at school, institute or work, absolutely everything that is in hand and wants to be discarded is recycled, that is, that it is no longer going to be reused.

Help spread the message , for example, on social networks or by volunteering in an organization that goes out on the street this day to raise awareness among the population . Likewise, you can participate in the events that the town hall or government of your area has organized on this day. Find out a few days before to find out about these events or activities , because in each place they can change.

To collaborate in these ways, you can learn more about this topic in the AgroCorrn articles on Defining recycling and 10 good reasons to recycle .

Phrases and messages for Recycling Day

Although if we want to show a message or phrase to the world to help raise awareness about this issue we can simply capture what we feel about it, in AgroCorrn we give some ideas of phrases and messages for International Recycling Day :

  • I think, then I recycle.
  • For you, for me, for the future, recycle!
  • Recycling is not an obligation, it is your responsibility.
  • For a world in balance I love, conserve and recycle.
  • Recycle or die, that’s really the question.
  • Bring the planet to life: Recycle!
  • The 4R. Reduce, Recover, Reuse and Recycle your garbage!
  • Recycling is life for us and for the planet.
  • Everything can have another life, give a second chance by recycling.
  • Recycling is a wise thing to do.
  • Recycling is not a simple action, it is participating in the responsibility for conserving natural resources and the planet.
  • Recycle because your planet is worth it.

In addition, we encourage you to read these Phrases about the environment for children that can also be used to celebrate World Recycling Day, take note!

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