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As many people say, Earth Day should be celebrated every day, since caring for our planet should be a task to take into account every day. However, at an official level, Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, and this has been the case since 1970. But do you know why Earth Day is celebrated ? Do you know why it is celebrated? April 22? How can we celebrate Earth Day? If you want to know the answer to this and more questions, keep reading the following EcologiaVerde article and we will explain it to you.

Why is Earth Day celebrated?

Every April 22 we celebrate Earth Day around the world with the desire to remind the population of the importance of our planet as the common home of all the beings that inhabit it. In the words of the United Nations, this day aims to try to reach a balance between viability and environmental health and the social and economic needs of our own and of future generations.

But when was it first celebrated and why was it chosen on that day? The reality is that the first day of the Earth was in 1970 , when the senator for the US Democratic Party and environmental activist Gaylor Nelson promoted a great mobilization to make the environmental movement visible. That year he managed to get 20 million people to demonstrate demanding respect for the environment, a milestone that contributed to set this date, April 22, as Earth Day.

In addition, the success of the demonstration contributed to the American administration creating the Agency for Environmental Protection, a state agency whose objectives include the conservation of endangered species, the contribution to the purification of water and clean from air.

Why is Earth Day celebrated on April 22

We have already explained that the great demonstration of 1970 was the start of the Earth Day celebration, but why April 22 was chosen. Regarding this, there are some theories, some very bizarre, such as the one that connects that date with Lenin’s centenary of birth, April 22, 1970. The reality is much more prosaic and is due to purely logistical reasons.

To organize this great demonstration, Nelson contacted numerous colleges, institutes and universities. In order to gather as many people as possible, he chose April 22 because it was a day when there were no vacations, exams, or any other celebration that could take away from the march.

From here, thanks to the great success of the demonstration, not only was the Agency for the Protection of the Environment created, but just two years later the first Earth Summit was held in the city of Stockholm, a summit that it laid the foundations of the environmental movement at the political level. Such was the importance of that anniversary that from that year on, April 22 has been coined as Earth Day.

World Earth Day celebration

That first demonstration brought together 20 million people throughout the United States. Today, up to one billion people in more than a hundred countries around the world participate in this celebration . Inevitably, Earth Day has evolved, it may not have as much media impact as the first years did, but it is still just as – or more – necessary and represents an important turning point for all those who fight for the ecological viability of our country. planet.

In all these years, concern for the environment has gone from being something very marginal, to being accepted by the majority of society. Despite this, we are getting worse environmentally. Today, the problems are not only the ozone layer, environmental pollution and the lack of drinking water, today environmental threats are soaring.

That is why different organizations and associations fight so that Earth Day is not just one day a year , but that it becomes long-term actions, with clear objectives that are fought for on a daily basis. An example of this is the multitude of actions that are carried out in thousands of colleges and schools around the world, which, on the one hand, have an immediate impact on the environment and, on the other, ecological awareness for the future. generations.

In turn, the celebration of World Earth Day serves for the ecological community to meet and assess the environmental policies carried out by the governments of the different countries.

How to celebrate Earth Day

Now that you know everything behind Earth Day, here are some ideas and we will explain what to do on Earth Day to contribute your bit to this movement:

  • Plant a tree : it is surely one of the most typical actions, but do not limit yourself to planting it, you must take care of it and maintain it throughout the year.
  • Garbage collection : get together with friends, family and acquaintances and set up a garbage collection in a park, beach or mountain near your home.
  • Use the bicycle : or walk to work, whatever it may be, that day and whenever possible avoid using the car.
  • Awareness to the little ones : take advantage of this day to talk to them about the importance of preserving our planet. Explain concepts such as climate change or fair trade for children .

In addition, from EcologiaVerde we propose some ecological activities for children and games to sensitize the little ones about the importance of nature.

Happy Earth Day

Here are some of the best phrases for Earth Day :

  • We insult the Earth, in return, she gives us flowers.
  • In a million years the Earth will recover but we will disappear.
  • The Earth gives us enough to live, but not enough for our ambition.
  • Nature speaks, we do not listen to it.
  • In every single drop there is a life expectancy.

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