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This September 29 , as every year, World Seas Day will be celebrated . Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to do on these, as the pollution they receive each year is absolutely disproportionate, which endangers the marine ecosystem. In AgroCorrn we tell you what we intend to improve by celebrating this day.

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September 29, World Seas Day

Industrial, livestock, fecal, oil or urban spills are some of the negative examples that damage the seas around the world. Fortunately, more and more treatment plants are being carried out to prevent this contamination from becoming a serious problem, something that already seems irremediable in some parts of the planet.

Another pending issue is to control the cleanliness of the high seas ships , something that has to be achieved based on controls and fines that never arrive. Then, unfortunately, ecological disasters occur due to tankers that wreck with all the cargo on board.

Great works are also a problem. These fill the sea with strange materials that destroy environments, modify currents, etc. That this bleak outlook changes is in the hands of all people, especially companies.

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