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The alternative gifts are often much more personal. If, in addition, we really want to get them right and also make them ecological, then we will have to make a careful choice. Originality will be the key to success, and luckily imagination is an important value in ecology.

Let’s not forget that ecological is in fashion , so that alone we have a point in our favor. The challenge is to ensure that, in addition to being original, the gift is green and at this point we also have it easy if we like creative recycling.

That crafts are not our thing? Perhaps this could be an opportunity to discover how simple it can be to make a toy or decorative object with discarded materials, but, anyway, there are many other options that will allow us to find the perfect gift. At AgroCorrn we offer you several ideas to make ecological gifts . Take note!

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  1. Name a star
  2. Help the planet with an original ecological gift
  3. DIY or DIY
  4. Alternatives to giving bouquets of flowers: seeds and potted plants

Name a star

Writing in the sky does not increase the carbon footprint, and in this case we are talking about naming a star . Nothing prevents us from doing it directly, on our own, but your name will not be official, an option that we can also make a reality for less than 100 euros.

The company that makes this possible is the Star United Registry , although the official statement must be put in quotation marks, because only the International Astronomical Union can name the stars, and all recognized stars already have a name. It would therefore be more of a symbolic ecological gift .

Another intangible that will help us to strengthen personal relationships without polluting is to give away quality time, logically, as long as that timeshare does not end up shooting our carbon footprint. Reading beautiful poems aloud , doing creative recycling, or cultivating an organic garden or garden are some possibilities.

Help the planet with an original ecological gift

To make a nice gesture for someone to improve the planet is to show your complicity with that person, at the same time that you help the world to be more just and supportive. Sponsoring children, sponsoring animals through associations and organizations dedicated to the environment and nature such as WWF or GreenPeace, or making a donation on their behalf to conservation associations would be original ideas of ecological gifts and thought to help the planet, with which Options are very numerous and it will be easy to adapt to your preferences.

Some ideas of products that you can buy as ecological and solidarity gifts for someone special and thus help the environment in general, to collaborate to save animals in danger of extinction and much more, are the stuffed animals of animals in extinction (there are even those that go in a sponsorship kit), gift cards for that person to choose what they prefer to collaborate with or ecological stationery products , such as those you can find in ecological online stores, such as the GreenPeace Store .

In this, for example, you can choose different models of cups and plates with ecological images, 100% recycled paper pens , ecological calendars, sheets made with 100% recycled cardboard with images of dolphins, polar bears and other of the most emblematic species. of the planet or, with landscapes such as sunsets, among much more and everything designed to enjoy nature and take care of it at the same time. They are ideal ecological gifts for both Christmas and birthdays or even as ecological corporate or wedding gifts.



The ecological toys are present almost unheard of in this present world dominated by technology and consumerism. Choosing the same toy in its ecological version is in itself a way to turn a conventional object into something unexpected and original.

If we also choose to shape it ourselves, we will enjoy doing it with our own hands and adapting it to the tastes of the person who is going to receive it. It does not matter to achieve great results, because your emotional charge will be what makes you different, unique, really.

Being a handyman always helps, but it is also true that whoever has a plastic bottle and four caps is practically one step away from having an original toy. It is well demonstrated with the toys of Martine Camillieri, the artist who has created the minimalist collection of trucks that can be seen in the image below.

Another option for green gifts is to bet on nostalgia. Let’s frame or restore that toy, garment or object that is so fond of. It is a beautiful way to celebrate memories without having to buy more than a simple frame, preferably made of bamboo or recycled materials.

Alternatives to giving bouquets of flowers: seeds and potted plants

Finally, we cannot end this post without making some suggestions about giving bouquets of flowers , one of the most traditional gifts. Because, although they seem like a natural gift to us, in reality they are a product with a tremendous environmental impact, in addition to having a very short life.

Although it may seem difficult to find substitutes, we have interesting alternatives, ranging from the simple idea of ​​photographing a beautiful flower or set of flowers and dedicating the image to that special person or drawing them, to giving a nice pot with a plant . Other possibilities are the original green kits that contain seeds , among others the Eco Sprout pencil, which allows you to plant vegetables when their useful life expires or the curious boxes of Garden Bon Bonts, which are actually seeds.

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