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Christmas is already on the verge of candy and, with few exceptions, we will decorate our home, enjoy good family food and make and receive the typical gifts.

If you are a nature lover, there are probably more people like you on your shopping list for Christmas gifts. Is that so? If so, we suggest you take advantage of that affinity and bet on a green gift that has all the ballots to succeed. In the following AgroCorrn article you will find the best gift ideas for nature lovers to inspire you. If you manage to combine all these elements, it will be a hit and miss and, thanks to your environmental gesture, you will rebound another gift to the planet. Not bad, no doubt!

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  1. What is an ecological gift
  2. Original handmade gifts: ecological accessories
  3. Observe nature
  4. Sponsor animals in distress
  5. A garden full of biodiversity
  6. An urban garden
  7. A trip on a train
  8. The bike, an ideal gift
  9. Disconnect enjoying nature

What is an ecological gift

In all the proposals, logically, the choice can be more or less green depending on a myriad of factors that we will have to assess. In each specific case, the carbon footprint of the transport, the type of material or other characteristics will be different.

That is, ideally, we will have to do a life cycle analysis of the products or services, see where they come from and under what conditions they have been manufactured, at least as far as possible. Next, let’s look at some gift ideas so that the present surprise and excite that special someone.

Original handmade gifts: ecological accessories

Who said that fashion and ecology are at odds? In fact, what is better for a nature lover than to always carry it with him. That is why the first gift proposal is the following ecological articles and accessories made by hand with cork .

These are unique and inimitable pieces, in addition, they are very original. All this without damaging the planet, what’s more, when the cork is obtained, the tree is not damaged, but it does contribute to conserving and recovering the Mediterranean forest. Do you want to know the best ideas? Here you have them:

  • Cork bag: This bag perfectly combines the patterned fabric with the cork fabric, imitating the fools and vision of nature. In addition, it is a very versatile and comfortable bag that will surely leave no one indifferent.
  • Wood and cork watch: this is a magnificent watch made by hand with bamboo wood and cork that give it a casual and original touch. A piece of nature on your wrist that everyone will ask you about.

Observe nature

Living nature also means studying it. Birdwatching is a great way to do it, both for sheer pleasure and to complement it with a parallel theoretical study.

Giving a pair of binoculars will be enough to be able to go out to the countryside or a park and observe birds. It is a very popular hobby in many parts of the world. Another idea to complement this gift is a practical course or a book to study.

Sponsor animals in distress

Sponsoring an animal together is an act of solidarity that shows a commitment not only to the animal being helped, but also to the environment in general.

The options are vast, from endangered species to abandoned donkeys, dogs, cats or rabbits found in shelters and sanctuaries . If we prefer, we can also sponsor trees or finance their planting.

A garden full of biodiversity

Giving accessories to improve the biodiversity of a garden is another way to bet on caring for the environment. The key is to find that original and at the same time practical object , which meets the requirements as a gift and also on a functional level.

What can we give away? In this case, in addition to the purchased objects, such as houses, bird feeders, ornamental plants from organic farming or fountains, creative recycling is interesting. How about surprising with a vertical garden or with plants that attract pollinators? In the following AgroCorrn article you can learn more about vertical gardens .

An urban garden

Beyond ornamental gardening, organic gardens are an easy and entertaining way to grow organic plants that provide us with fruit.

Planting benches that can even be integrated into a balcony, hydroponic systems or guides to get started in organic farming are interesting gift ideas . And, when making immaterial gifts, those that touch the heart, the best way to complement it is to spend time together cultivating the urban garden .

A trip on a train

Sustainable travel is also inspiring. It can be a train trip to an interesting destination for nature lovers.

Or, why not, let’s try to make the trip also a whole green experience. The train is one of the best ways we have to admire a landscape. If we can combine both, it can become a fantastic gift.

The bike, an ideal gift

We know that a bicycle is a very unoriginal gift, it is true, but if it is about eco-friendly gifts, the bicycle could not be missing. As common as it is, it is still a classic , and magic is still there for nature lovers.

If the person already has a bicycle, we can choose to give a complement to turn it into an electric one . Or, if we are buoyant, go directly for it and, in any case, there are always endless accessories that help improve safety on the road or when leaving it parked.

Disconnect enjoying nature

To disconnect from the madding crowd, it is not necessary to go to the Bahamas. The planes can stay waiting for us if we opt for a much closer destination.

Closer than we imagine we will find endless possibilities to practice ecological rural tourism . It’s just a matter of knowing what we want and making the right choice.

And, of course, how could it be otherwise, giving a tree house is one of those memorable gifts that turn your eyes on and draw an incredible smile.

This is an ideal gift for the little ones, but not necessarily them. Don’t we all need such a shelter? Again, giving away time together to complete the project is another way to give something more than a material object. Of course, then you have to fulfill it, not only good purposes are worth, so if we are not sure we can do it, we better abstain.

There are hotels that offer this type of accommodation, a wonderful option to spend alone, as a couple, with friends or with the family. Of course, you do not always have time for these things, so in these cases, time is the best gift.

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