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10 ecological documentaries that you cannot miss

Television and cinema can become important allies for environmental awareness . The powerful tools of audiovisual works are capable of informing about the current reality, raising awareness, explaining a problem and, therefore, educating people to acquire more ecological behaviors. Among the – increasingly – numerous films, series and masterpieces that seek this goal, are documentaries. Valuable works that speak about several of the current problems that the planet suffers: including destructive agricultural techniques, deforestation, climate change and a large etcetera. In fact, many of the documentaries that we are going to present you are already part of ecological festivals, such as the International Environmental Film Festival, and they have already managed to raise awareness among many people.

There are many and very good documentaries that fulfill this important objective and that you would also love to see, as they are curious, entertaining and very very interesting , but the ten that we are going to show you below seem essential documentaries.

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  1. “The Titanic Syndrome” Nicolas Hulot (2008)
  2. “The Emperor’s Journey” Luc Jacquet (2004)
  3. “An uncomfortable truth”. David Guggenheim (2006)
  4. “The World of Silence” Jacques Cousteau-Louis Malle (1955)
  5. “Super size me” Morgan Spurlock (2004)
  6. “Darwin’s Nightmare” Hubert Sauper (2003)
  7. “Glacial Balance” Ethan Steinman (2013)
  8. “Our children will accuse us.” Jean-Paul Jaud (2008)
  9. “Home” Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2009)
  10. “Buy, take, buy”. Cosima Dannotizer (2010)

“The Titanic Syndrome” Nicolas Hulot (2008)

Its creator compares the iceberg that swept the Titanic (while its passengers ate and danced without knowing what was coming) with what is happening in the world with the destruction of the planet. Now we are fine, but an “iceberg” is approaching. It is a cry of alarm about ecological disasters that at the same time seeks to wake up the whole world and find a solution.

“The Emperor’s Journey” Luc Jacquet (2004)

A beautiful animal documentary, tinged with fiction, that seduces everyone and is defined as a beautiful “hymn to life”. Talk about the penguins of Antarctica and their quest for survival. You will love the beauty of its ribbon and its subtle way of raising public awareness about endangered species. In 2006 it obtained the Oscar for the best documentary and it is no wonder.

“An uncomfortable truth”. David Guggenheim (2006)

Another of the ecological documentaries that gave the most to talk about. It has been considered the film par excellence that denounces global warming and in terms of awareness we owe a lot to Guggenheim. US President Al Gore (who won the Nobel Peace Prize for this) tries to educate citizens about the dangers of global warming through slides. In them, graphics, illustrations and a series of documents are shown that leave the audience speechless before this reality. This documentary served to completely reinvigorate the environmental movement.

“The World of Silence” Jacques Cousteau-Louis Malle (1955)

It’s from a few years ago, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you can’t miss it. We don’t have to tell you about the quality and richness of Cousteau’s reports, a man who, with his work, has awakened an entire generation. This wonderful documentary about the seabed gave way to a key stage in ecological awareness, at a time when human beings were not so aware of the importance of protecting the environment. In addition, you will love discovering the beauty and richness of the ocean floor without leaving your sofa. However, he won an award at the Cannes Film Festival the following year.

“Super size me” Morgan Spurlock (2004)

You have probably seen or, at least, heard of this documentary, which is more than a fictitious story, it is an authentic human experience. The one that lived Morgar Spurlock, a man who underwent a regime in which he only ate junk food and sugary sodas. As if we decided to spend a month eating at McDonalds day and night.

What happened? As expected, throughout the documentary we see Morgan’s health and appearance deteriorate. It is very shocking, but what it tries to show is a harmful but accepted reality: the relationship between American obesity problems and the frequency with which this type of diet is consumed.

“Darwin’s Nightmare” Hubert Sauper (2003)

The film is told through the survey format and through conversations and questions, the devastation in Africa is denounced, specifically in Tanzania and the surroundings of Lake Victoria. The documentary is a critique of Western societies that colonize and exploit Africa, while its populations are starving. It is a controversial documentary that shows a harsh reality that few people dare to know.

“Glacial Balance” Ethan Steinman (2013)

When you watch this documentary, you will realize how climate change and the melting of glaciers can cause -and cause- a gigantic change in the day-to-day life of some living beings. White landscapes and a lot of awareness.

“Our children will accuse us.” Jean-Paul Jaud (2008)

Less known in Spain, but equally brilliant, it addresses the massive use of pesticides, derived from petroleum. The message is clear: if we continue like this, we will leave a ruined Planet for our children. The documentary shows the development of a French town, whose mayor intends to use zero pesticides. The author actively denounced agrochemical contamination with this work.

“Home” Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2009)

Very well known and mediated, but we had to include him for the beauty of his images. The documentary is presented as a declaration of love to our planet and shows how beautiful it is, and it does so through aerial images that will take your breath away.

“Buy, take, buy”. Cosima Dannotizer (2010)

We wanted to put a Spanish documentary on the list and the truth is that this one totally deserves it. What are you talking about? From the Western obsession to buy things we don’t need, and then discard them, which makes us immobile in the middle of a harmful spiral of consumption. It will make you ask yourself many things.

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