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Some of the greenest cities in Spain

Spain is a country that is becoming more and better aware of the need to take care of the planet. As in many other parts of Europe, in recent years there has been a change for the better in initiatives and trends, although much remains to be done.

Spain is a country that has very ecological cities and that carries out measures in favor of the environment. It is not surprising that some of these appear often in the rankings of European sustainable cities. In Spain we can find very well-kept cities and, beyond that, projects that propose energy savings, less pollution, etc., that improve the quality of life of citizens and that of the planet in general, proliferate. We cannot name all those that include plans and initiatives of this type, but we can outline a few. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article if you want to know some of the greenest cities in Spain .

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  1. Vitoria
  2. Málaga
  3. Gandia
  4. Barcelona
  5. Donostia-San Sebastian
  6. Madrid
  7. Oviedo
  8. Sarriguren


It was declared European Green Capital in 2012 , perhaps because it has a large number of parks and green spaces, a good average per capita. Furthermore, since the award was held in 2008, it has been the only Spanish city to hold the award.

In addition, its waste management and water consumption plan (they want to reach 100 liters per day per person), its very location and its nature, make it one of the cities, not only more sustainable, but also healthier for to live. As data: all the inhabitants who live in the capital of Álava, about 240,000, reside within 300 meters of a garden or park. It is a city that also has very low rates of light pollution .


The Andalusian city is also one of those that makes the most effort to be ecological and has surprised everyone with innovative initiatives .

He launched a project to achieve energy savings in a high percentage; for example, implementing smart meters and other electrical innovations and thus consume less electricity. In addition, the recycling system has improved significantly in Malaga.


Although it was not one of those that appeared frequently in the rankings , a recent project has made it one of the most sustainable in the country.

Gandía has changed the lighting for a more efficient one based on LED light, it is estimated that it could save about 9 million euros in a few years, in addition to that this lighting is much more beneficial for the environment.


The ecological measures that Barcelona has been implementing little by little have been on everyone’s lips for years, for example there was talk of a revolution in transport by improving its transfer systems, which made citizens and tourists start to use the means more often. public , to the detriment of the automobile.

Thus, it managed to reduce traffic jams, improve the quality of life and not emit so much pollution. In addition, it is one of the few large Spanish cities that has a complete network of bicycles , which makes it increasingly frequent to travel by this means through the city center. In addition to this, it has had sustainable tourism management for years, even being one of the most visited cities, the harmful impact on the planet is minimized.

Donostia-San Sebastian

The Basque city has also carried out projects in recent years to achieve more ecological measures that will bring benefits for the city. In addition, as with Vitoria, it has many green and wooded areas.


Although it is the most populated city in Spain and the car is used mostly, it has deployed plans and projects to alleviate this excessive use, including a plan that advises the use of electric vehicles in our country. The Siemens index placed Madrid at number 12 in Europe.


In addition to the fact that Asturias is one of the greenest areas of the peninsula, Oviedo promotes the planting of trees and there are more than ten thousand planted along its streets. As with Vitoria and other regions, this improves air quality, also the quality of life of its citizens and care for the environment.


It is a Spanish town in Navarra, located between cereal fields and within an enviable habitat. It was there that the first EcoCity in Spain was built, which makes it follow environmental criteria that deserve to be included in one of the most ecological regions of the country. Thanks to this EcoCity, it won the 2008 European Urban Planning Award .

In addition to all these, there are many cities that are carrying out ecological projects and whose citizens are increasingly aware, for example: Pamplona, ​​Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Zaragoza, Bilbao or Burgos. Do you know any other Spanish city that stands out for its sustainable measures?

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