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Ecological activities for children

Children must learn to love and respect Nature not only as part of a comprehensive education that fosters empathy and the value of the environment, but also as future responsible citizens who make a better tomorrow possible. To achieve this, in addition to leading by example, teachers and parents can organize or suggest ecological activities that help them learn ecological principles by playing.

In the beginning, simple contact with Nature is an easy way for children to become familiar with the environment, to awaken in them a spontaneous instinct for protection or, at least, a respect and a taste for ecosystems. It is not necessary for the little ones to practice activism of any kind. It will be enough to encourage their curiosity for everything that surrounds them, always with due caution, of course. In addition to going on a picnic, we can do routes on foot, by bike, by train or, why not, by boat. While they observe insects, plants, birds and other animals we must instill in them respect towards them and ensure that they live positive experiences that are attractive to them.

Playing with the earth, rolling around in the ground and making little castles with your own hands or with the help of the typical buckets, shovels and rakes will entertain you for hours, and will prepare you to later help us in a small organic garden or grow your own plants in pots. If you are interested in learning about interesting and fun ecological activities for children, keep reading this Green Ecology article.

  1. Organic gardens
  2. Recycle and play making crafts
  3. ecological scavenger hunt
  4. Activities in contact with nature
  5. Ecological activities to do with children in winter
  6. Ecological activities to do in summer with the little ones

Organic gardens

Whether planting a tree , seedlings in a garden, a few seeds in a pot or a simple peach pit, let’s say, witnessing the miracle of life will be a great teaching, while feeling responsible for that being will benefit you. I live that needs your care.

It is also important that they know the importance of compost and pesticides being ecological and the reasons why this is so, both with regard to the health of the people who later eat those tomatoes or lettuces even for the same respect for the environment.

Children usually enjoy outdoor activities and have a great time helping the older ones to take care of small ecological gardens , in which they can have some plants assigned to them in order to involve them in a direct way, with which their satisfactions will also be older by growing them and then eating them. Hopefully, they might even become fond of eating fruits and vegetables if they didn’t already do so before.

Recycle and play making crafts

The creative recycling is another ecological activities that appeal to children , amuse them and will raise awareness about the importance of not wasting resources. One option is to let their imagination run wild by transforming a simple cardboard box, a plastic bottle, and other waste or useless materials into toys.

The newspapers and magazines are also great for making crafts such as collages, decorating Christmas or any other special party or, why not, can transform their old toys and renew them , either combining parts or reusing them to complement their new creations from recycled materials.

In addition, nature gives us multiple elements that will later be used to make all kinds of crafts. For example, walnuts, chestnuts or fallen pineapples . We will have the children collect them and then make crafts (or eat them, in the case of nuts). With the chestnuts, we can make a beautiful necklace that they will make themselves and can give to whoever they want later. Also, with the help of toothpicks we can create fun animals with this autumnal nut, such as horses, dogs, a monkey, a giraffe, or other objects, such as cars, chairs or tables. We will need the help of an awl and a wooden element, such as toothpicks or matches from which we have removed the red end.

Likewise, you can take them one day to collect stones of various shapes and sizes and then, at home, paint them and make interesting compositions. For example, a colorful fruit basket, a nice farm after having painted various animals …

Also with the fallen autumn leaves we can make beautiful compositions by sticking them on wood, especially if we paint them before with colored sprays, or with gold and silver glitter.

A very positive activity for children is to encourage them to make their own vegetable cultivation in yogurt jars, they also serve vegetables or something they especially like. The child will experience great satisfaction the day he / she can eat what he / she himself / herself cultivated, cared for and saw grow.

ecological scavenger hunt

If we are looking for group activities, the organic gymkhana may be a perfect option. The possibilities are endless when it comes to preparing for tests. Some examples can be to correctly separate waste (paper, orange peel, cans, plastics, glass and paper, among others) and be successful when depositing them in the corresponding containers.

You can not miss riddles, riddles on ecological issues or simply on animals and plants, in order to bring them closer to the natural world. It would also be interesting to create some test on ecosystems and also on eco-friendly gestures (saving light, water, etc.) that are carried out in a daily environment, such as the home or school. Fun is assured.

Activities in contact with nature

Mother Nature offers us infinite sources of natural and free fun. The sea, the mountains, the countryside , the sky … it will be a pleasure to explore everything with the children, to help their education and also to learn to value together all the good that the planet can give us.

We can start by organizing a “tour” in the middle of nature with the children. Starting with a family walk through the forest . During it we can, for example, teach them what kind of trees are there, how certain vegetables are grown, where a river goes or how certain animals and creatures are born and live. After the interesting day of learning outdoors, we will ask them to create a story, in which they write and draw everything they have learned, what they liked the most and what caught their attention. It will be hilarious!

When the good weather and the spring days arrive, we can distract ourselves with a butterfly hunt, which we will later set free. Something that will fascinate them and keep them entertained. For example, a good idea is to organize similar experiences, such as snail hunts in a forest after the rain. Before leaving them in their habitat, do not forget to make a race with them with all the members of the family to see which of all the snails is the fastest. It is also very positive to take them to see different birds and, if possible, to get some of them to eat with their own hands of their own free will.

With the arrival of snow and cold, an interesting family activity is to build one or a family of snowmen . A snowball competition won’t give you a bad time outdoors either!

If your kids haven’t seen it yet, take them to a beautiful natural setting to watch a sunset, a dusk, or both. Do not forget, when it is summer, to have them bathe in the middle of nature, such as in a lake or a river. They are sure to like it better than traditional swimming pools!

Another very interesting hobby to do as a family is organizing a ” treasure hunt ” in a forest that you know well. Make maps in advance with recycled paper and prepare it all day before leaving clues in key places, such as at a certain point in the river, next to the highest apple tree or in one of the bins at the entrance to the forest or park. Each child must be accompanied by an adult and learn to orient themselves and to know where the North is, for example, through the moss that grows on the trees or with the help of a compass.

Also when the good weather arrives, we can take them canoeing on a river or a calm lake. It is an activity that they love!

An activity not to be missed is a visit to a farm-school so that they can see up close and learn useful details about farm animals. Touching a hen, feeding a pony and knowing how a pig lives will delight them and you will be giving them a lifelong learning.

Ecological activities to do with children in winter

In addition to those already mentioned in previous sections, sign up for these recommended activities to do at home or abroad with children :

  • Teach them (with the supervision of an adult) to make a natural anti-cold tisane. Thus they will learn that not only chemicals are needed to cure a minor disease.
  • Collect branches of different sizes in a forest and make a big and beautiful star of branches, with glue and paintings to decorate it.
  • Spend an afternoon baking cookies so that they can participate in the process. Buy molds with fun shapes (heart, animal, star …) so that they can choose the ones they like the most.
  • Organize a “snack of collected nuts” at home after a day in the field or forest picking them.
  • Propose them to take different fruits and vegetables and make a composition as they want. Afterwards, the whole family will paint it with watercolors and discuss which is the most beautiful.
  • Head to the largest flower market in your city and choose the most curious, colorful and beautiful flower bulbs. Planting flower bulbs that will be born in spring will be an enriching and precious experience.

Ecological activities to do in summer with the little ones

Of course, spring and summer give us many more options when it comes to enjoying the outdoors with the little ones. Take the opportunity to go on excursions , take them camping, do different sports as a family , go out to discover the closest environments and let them know various charming towns in the region. One activity that you cannot miss is bicycle rides , one of the most ecological and healthy activities that exist.

You will be teaching your children the benefits of this sustainable means of transport, which you can use in natural environments such as the forest or in the city, through parks or designated areas. In addition, you will be contributing to their physical training.

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