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The recycling is a practical eco-friendly which is to undergo a transformation process a waste or useless thing in order to use it as a resource that allows us to re-enter the cycle of life without having to resort to the use of new natural resources. At the same time, recycling is a green way to manage or, directly, to eliminate a good part of human waste.

Recycling allows materials to be used repeatedly to make new products, reducing future waste, while reducing the use of raw materials while saving the energy, time and money that would be necessary for their production. extraction and / or its obtaining through different manufacturing processes. In this AgroCorrn article, we are going to explain what the definition of recycling is.

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Recycle and reuse

If we want to use the language properly, we must distinguish between recycle and reuse. Although we commonly use the word recycling to talk about reuse, his thing is to distinguish between the two terms, separating concepts. Doing so is something simple, since, as its name suggests, reuse refers to the repairs of things that are broken or relegated to oblivion in order to continue using them in a different way than usual.

Reusing would be, for example, using broken wellies as original flower pots, turning a trouser leg into a practical bag or using a glass container in a vase. However, it will be recycling if the materials are recycled, as happens with what we put in the containers to undergo a physicochemical, mechanical or treatment to obtain a raw material or a new product.

In a way, the concepts can become synonymous, since recycling implies reuse, and some object or part of it can also be recycled for reuse. Depending on where we establish the limit in what we call the transformation process or obtaining raw material. However, it is also true that in many cases the difference is clear and the use of one or the other term becomes more appropriate.

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