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Above all, it must be remembered that, before recycling , it must be reduced (the amount of resources used) and reused. But, when there is no choice but to dispose of something, it is undoubtedly best to do it in its appropriate container. What are the benefits of recycling waste ? There are many more than meets the eye. Here are 10 good reasons to recycle. Surely you will find some that you did not know.

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10 reasons to recycle

  1. By making better use of resources, less is consumed: fewer materials, less water (many products need water for their production), less energy, etc. This is a finite planet and natural resources will not keep up with the current production rate.
  2. Employment is created. The companies or organizations that are dedicated to the collection of waste and its correct management activate the economy and create new jobs. Respecting the environment is always good for the economy.
  3. In the case of paper, for every ton recycled, five trees are saved . To make a ton of high-quality paper, 3,300 kilograms of wood are needed.
  4. The amount of (non-recyclable) garbage that has to be managed is reduced and, therefore, the pressure on landfills and the expense of processing that waste that is useless and that damages the planet is reduced.
  5. It is a way to mitigate climate change, since, with recycling, pollution is reduced.
  6. The use of recycled paper conserves natural resources.
  7. On the contrary, throwing something away is a missed opportunity: making new objects with that waste.
  8. Recycling means more time for the planet, more time to recover from human activity, more time for natural reforestation.
  9. The useful life of materials is prolonged. It is a way to fight against planned obsolescence. You save money and resources.
  10. In some cases, recycling campaigns are launched that, in addition to the environmental benefit, pursue a social benefit, such as helping countries in need or poor children.

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