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45 phrases about the environment for children

Every July 5, all over the world, Environment Day is celebrated . However, this is a day that we should celebrate every day, with every action and gesture, because the environment is something that we must take care of on a daily basis.

A good way to do it is to instill in our little ones the importance of taking care of the Earth, its neighbors and the world in which we live, that is why from EcologiaVerde we want to bring you these phrases about the environment for children , so that You can learn together and understand the importance of taking care of our home, the Earth.

Phrases about the environment for children

At AgroCorrn we have selected some ecological phrases for children so that you can become aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Some are popular phrases, some are famous, some others are by unknown authors, however, they all help us convey the importance of children learning to take care of the planet:

  • Even if he knew that tomorrow the world would end, today he would plant a tree. Martin Luther King
  • Ending the environment is the fastest way to end society.
  • Voters can be fooled, but the atmosphere cannot. Donella meadows
  • If you poison a river, the river is going to poison you.
  • Everything bad that happens to Earth, later, will happen to your children.
  • The earth gives us enough for the needs of all men, but not enough for the greed of all men. Mahatma Gandhi
  • There are two things that attract terribly attention: the intelligence of animals and the bestiality of humans. Flora Tristan
  • It is immensely sad to see how nature is speaking to us and humans are not listening. Victor hugo
  • The land is not an inheritance from your parents, it is a loan to your children. Ibero-American Proverb
  • Earth is not our planet, it is our home.
  • If you like birdsong, don’t buy cages, plant trees.
  • Plant a tree and you will be sowing awareness.
  • A better world is possible with green thinking.
  • A single acorn can create a thousand forests. Ralph waldo

Phrases about caring for the environment for children

Do not miss these ecological phrases for children :

  • It is difficult to live without love, but without water it is impossible.
  • The biggest difference between birds and humans is that when they build, the former leave the landscape intact.
  • All the flowers can be cut, but spring can never be stopped.
  • Humans produce so much garbage that nature is unable to digest.
  • If we conserve water, we conserve life.
  • Committing a crime against the environment is committing it against us.
  • With water we wash the dirty, but dirty water cannot be washed.
  • You have to buy what you need, buy unnecessary things, although cheap, they are already expensive.
  • Teaching to take care of the environment is to teach to value life.
  • The future is not disposable. Act now.
  • The planet has lived many years without humans, humans cannot live without a planet.
  • The planet can live without us, but we cannot live without a planet.
  • If you love your life, start by loving the life of the planet. Take care of him!

Short phrases about nature and Earth

To offer more environmental phrases to explain to children , we also suggest some short phrases about nature and Earth that they can understand, in general, with ease.

  • Environment is not enough, we need it whole.
  • Man is the most dangerous animal on Earth.
  • When the last tree is cut down, when the last river is polluted, when the last animal is killed, we will realize that money is not eaten.
  • If we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us.
  • The trees shade even the lumberjack who chops them down.
  • We must take care of the Earth, we have no other place to go.
  • We don’t have a planet B, let’s take good care of this one.
  • Let’s not ruin the Earth, it is difficult to find a good planet.
  • The man is incredible, he is capable of making flowers in the desert and drying up lakes.
  • To harm the earth is to harm us.
  • Earth loves our feet, but is afraid of our hands.
  • If you love the Earth, recycle and conserve.
  • If we control our greed, nature provides it all for free.
  • If you serve nature, nature will serve you. Confucius
  • On each nature walk, you get much more than you are looking for. John muir
  • Love nature, study nature, surround yourself with nature. She will never let you down. Frank Lloyd Wright
  • You have to take responsibility for your actions and this is how we protect the Earth. Julia Butterfly Hill
  • Nature does not do anything incomplete or anything in vain. Aristotle.

Reflections on the environment and activities

Apart from teaching them some of these environmental phrases for children , we recommend preparing activities to do with them, as it is the best way for them to learn about it. The environmental and ecological education of children is essential so that they later become aware adults. That is why, below, we propose a series of tricks, games and challenges for you to propose to your children and learn together to recycle and take care of the environment :

  • The recycling game : place different colored bags to recycle each product: glass, plastic, paper, organic, etc.
  • Water is a treasure : you have to save water, as it is very scarce. When you brush your teeth you must turn off the tap so that it does not waste away.
  • Turn off the lights: They have to learn to turn off the lights when they are not in a room.
  • Take advantage of the sheets of paper : When they draw that they use both sides of the sheets, let’s take advantage of each paper.
  • Share your toys : if you don’t play with a toy, give it to another child who is not lucky enough to have so many toys
  • Take care of everyone’s things : in the street, in the squares or wherever, take care of others’ things as if they were yours.
  • Take care of your pets : taking care of your pets will make you understand the importance of loving animals, respecting them and living together in harmony.
  • Respect people: respecting the environment is essential, but we must also respect and care for all the people with whom we share time.
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