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What are the benefits of recycling

Whether understood as a process of reconstruction or transformation of waste products into new materials at an industrial level, as if it is a domestic recycling, recycling helps to prolong the life and usefulness of resources. Therefore, the benefits of recycling will be both for humans and the environment.

At an industrial level, the recycling process consists of three stages: collection, classification and manufacturing , from the first moment that begins in our homes or anywhere else (institutions, companies, etc.) until the following phases, in the that the waste materials are grouped and then continue with the process until they are converted into recycled products. Eventually, they will be sold back to consumers. So, over and over again.

In our homes we can also reuse an endless number of objects to give them a second life, although they have to undergo a transformation, otherwise it would be a reuse. Be that as it may, this is a task that is talked about a lot, but do you really know what the benefits of recycling are ? In the following EcologiaVerde article we will explain it to you.

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  1. Summary of the benefits and advantages of recycling
  2. Benefits and Advantages of Recycling – Simple Explanation
  3. Examples of recycling benefits
  4. Recycle images

Summary of the benefits and advantages of recycling

Before going into details about the advantages of recycling, we want to clarify what this is. It is an eco-friendly or eco-friendly practice that is based on transforming one product into another to take advantage of it for longer, instead of turning it into garbage and polluting. You can learn more about what recycling is in this other AgroCorrn article.

Now, focusing on the advantages of this practice, we can say in a summarized way, that we are going to detail later, that the benefits and advantages of recycling are:

  • Preservation of natural resources.
  • To decrease the pollution.
  • Energy saving.
  • Saving money.
  • Oil savings.

Next, we explain to you one by one how the benefits of recycling affect our planet , so that you realize the impact that our actions and decisions have on the world.

Benefits and Advantages of Recycling – Simple Explanation

You may have ever wondered what recycling is for , what it contributes to people or other similar issues. Precisely because many people ask these types of questions, from AgroCorrn we want to answer them. So what is it for?

The truth is that practically everything we see around us can be recycled, from electronic waste to biodegradable waste, glass, paper, plastics, clothing, and a long list of objects and materials. That is why the benefits and advantages of recycling in general help preserve the planet on many levels.

Preserve natural resources

Without a doubt, one of the most important advantages of recycling is the preservation of natural resources . For example, recycling paper avoids a good deal of unnecessary felling and also the contamination of large amounts of water that makes paper, and the same happens with the recycling of other products made with our natural resources.

By recycling, the products are reused, so it is not necessary to remove the raw material from nature again, but we can extend the useful life of that which has already been extracted.

Less contamination

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of bags, plastics, wrappers, boxes and waste that you create in your day to day? Every year dozens of tons of plastics end up in the oceans, destroying the marine habitat and the health of our planet. Something as simple as recycling can prevent this from happening and that all those plastic waste that we create can have a second life and do not end up floating on our shores. Without a doubt, this is another of the great benefits of recycling.

Save energy

Another advantage of recycling is saving energy. It is another of the great advantages of recycling and, as a consequence of this lower cost, the manufacturing process is facilitated and less greenhouse gases are emitted. In many cases, consumers also win, because the products are also cheaper. Manufacturing a product from scratch involves more processes than recycling an existing one, which entails energy costs that can rise up to 25%.

Save money

In our home, recycling organic or inorganic waste can have endless uses at a functional, decorative or even artistic level, so we also save money, and in turn it is produced and polluted less. In creative recycling, being kind to the planet pays off. By using material that we no longer use and giving it another use, we can save some purchases. It’s just a matter of using your imagination a little. To save you this work, from EcologiaVerde we propose challenges such as recycled Christmas decorations or decorating gardens with recycled material .

Save oil

It must be taken into account that oil is the main material by which plastic is manufactured, so one of the main benefits of recycling is the saving of a non-renewable resource that is increasingly scarce every day. Through recycling we can save thousands of tons of oil per year, one of the first steps towards a global change in which the consumption of fossil fuels is banished once and for all.

Observing all these benefits and advantages of this ecological practice, it is possible to understand much better what is the great importance of recycling for the planet and all the living beings that inhabit it.

Examples of recycling benefits

Concrete data is often more impressive than abstract words, so here are some examples of the benefits and advantages of recycling in our environment:

  • 8 recycled cereal boxes can be turned into a book.
  • 80 recycled soda cans can be turned into a tire.
  • 40 recycled plastic bottles can be turned into a fleece.
  • Making a can uses 95% more energy than recycling it.
  • With each ton of paper we recycle, we save 4,100 Kwh.

Now that you know better what the benefits of recycling are, we encourage you to also read this other AgroCorrn article in which we explain how to teach children to recycle garbage .

Recycle images

Finally, after having known what the benefits of recycling are, we show you various recycling images and we recommend this post on The best recycling phrases that provides more ideas about its benefits and the great importance of this eco-friendly practice, as well as several more photos with the phrases included that you can share.

Also, here you can see an infographic about recycling.

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