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Where to throw a bottle of butane

Butane gas is a supply that is sold in containers of different metals. These butane cylinders are made up of butane (mostly), propane gas, isobutane, and ethane. In addition, a gas is added that gives it an unpleasant odor (for safety reasons). Given its content of dangerous and flammable gases, an empty butane cylinder must be disposed of in the appropriate places for treatment and recycling, since apart from being made up of metals it may contain traces of the gases.

In this AgroCorrn article, we talk about butane and where to throw away a used butane bottle .

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  1. Where to buy butane bottles
  2. Precautions when having a bottle of butane at home
  3. Where to return empty butane bottles

Where to buy butane bottles

To buy butane cylinders , the consumer must contact the cylinder supplier , indicating the number of cylinders he needs and, the cylinder dealer, will take care of taking them directly to his home, although always with a few days difference between the order and delivery is usually not immediate. For example, the main suppliers in Spain are Repsol, Cepsa, the Disa group (Canarias), Atlas Energy (Ceuta and Melilla) and Galp Energy.

An alternative, in the event that the customer is not home time and cannot agree on a delivery day, is to collect them directly at service stations or gas stations . It must be borne in mind that both when contacting the supplier and purchasing at the gas stations, a contract will have to be signed with the supplier (if it is not available), which will have a cost for joining the service and a deposit for the bottles acquired, which will be returned when the empty container is delivered. This contract may include maintenance and customer service, depending on the provider.

The price of butane bottles is always the same, both by ordering it directly and by buying them at the supplier’s service station. This is so, because the price of butane bottles is regulated by the government, although some distributors may apply a small cost for the delivery of bottles at home. However, the new Cepsa and Repsol cylinders have a liberalized price. In any case, the price usually oscillates around 14 euros, somewhat less in the case of stainless steel butane cylinders .

Precautions when having a bottle of butane at home

Butane cylinders can be dangerous because they contain dangerous gases . To minimize these dangers, it is essential to carry out a suitable manipulation of the cylinder and to monitor that the state of maintenance of all the elements of the cylinder is optimal.

This includes carrying out periodic checks , never storing the cylinders in the proximity of heat or fire sources , not storing more than two cylinders and monitoring the expiration dates and the condition of the tires that carry gas to the kitchens, heaters and other facilities in the house.

Where to return empty butane bottles

The return of empty bottles will only be necessary in case the customer wants to cancel the supply, when the bottle has suffered some type of damage and must be changed and the delivery person must take care of it or if the content has run out of the cylinder. Thus, it will only be necessary for consumers to return the empty bottles when they cancel the supply, if it is a change of bottle because the content has run out or because it has suffered a breakdown, it will be a change of packaging and the delivery person will be the person in charge of carrying it out.

When we have one at home that has run out, we must bear in mind that we must never throw a cylinder anywhere or into any container , as it can be dangerous, as they may not be completely empty of gases , nor can it be refilled a bottle. It is advisable to call the supplier of cylinders and the dealer will go to the home to collect them. Another option would be to go directly to a supplier’s warehouse and deliver the empty bottles.

In case of being a collection due to cancellation of the contract, the dealer will give us a receipt, where we will sign the cancellation and we can also collect the deposit that we paid when registering the service.

The fact of returning the empty bottles to the supplier does not entail any additional cost for the customer, nor does it entail canceling the contract with the butane distributor, the entire process is free.


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