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Reusing old plastic bags is something we often do, but what is not so common is recycling them to transform them into something different. However, the possibilities are almost endless, and the results really fantastic on many occasions.

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  1. A world of possibilities
  2. Reusable bags and dresses
  3. Ideas to reuse them


A world of possibilities

Converting any type of plastic bags into bracelets is possible by rolling thin strips previously screwed onto themselves on a metallic bracelet, as the Doesshenow design blog suggests. Or, if practicality is our thing, we will simply have to cut them into strips and make a single strand of them that finally becomes anything else: baskets, mats, bags, etc.

Turning a vulgar plastic bag into a beautiful flower that never fades is just a matter of taking the colorful bags and giving it patience and magic or, if desired, we can also follow the step by step proposed on the Inestructables site.

Finally, the screens of the lamps can confeccionarse with plastic bags, either completely or in part. The result, as seen in one of the images, is as cool and creative as the process is easy, which simply consists of cutting them into long strips and rolling them up before placing them next to each other.

Reusable bags and dresses

In addition to transforming them into flowers, balls, bracelets or balls with which to weave from a mat to a bag or basket, plastic bags can become many other things.

In addition to flowers, taking advantage of the vaporous plastic allows us to make dresses for dolls or women. Instead of turning the plastic into a thread, -it is easy to do it by cutting them into strips, wrapping them tightly around themselves and tying them-, it is about taking advantage of their lightness to create a kind of flight reminiscent of the tutu of the dancers.

As can be seen from the first picture, it is possible to make a beautiful costume out of well-selected plastic bags, which even looks like a designer dress. A result that inspires, simple and at the same time with an artistic touch.

If we propose it, with patience and a good pattern, from a ball it is also possible to knit a dress as fun as the one that can be seen in the following image. Complicated? Actually, there is no other trick than knowing how to crochet and make a really long ball, especially if we do not want to wear a miniskirt.

Already put, we can also combat the plague of plastic bags that floods us by weaving a reusable bag with that same thread made with them. Again, you have to master the needles, although we can always make balls for someone who does know how to knit, with which we will both win.

Ideas to reuse them

If we want to find them quick uses, which do not require transformations, it is also easy to do it in a thousand ways. The most helpful thing is to use them again as a bag , for example as a garbage bag or as a garbage collection bag when we go on a picnic to the beach or in the field.

They are also very useful as a bathing cap when for the shower, as a protector to prevent the dye from staining clothes or to separate dirty clothes in the gym bag, let’s say.

Of course, let’s not let children play with them to avoid unnecessary risks and, when we dispose of them, cut the handles to avoid accidents in animals. We should also avoid leaving them lying around because the wind can carry them far and end up damaging the fauna, since they sometimes mistake them for food and eat them or get hooked on them when they carry handles.

If we want to take care of our shoes and the ground is wet, tying a bag on each foot is a very basic solution, but it works like a charm. Then it will be enough to rinse them a little and let them dry to use them again on another occasion.

A curious option is to save some bags for our pussycat, especially if it is one of those cats that loves contact with plastic. Again, we have to make sure to cut the handles and then just put a few within reach, on a rug, sofa, bed, in his crib … Hopefully, the little feline will have a great time, a simple way to make him happy.

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