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Where to buy organic meat

Until the appropriate establishments for price and quality are found, buying meat free of antibiotics and hormones, from animals from certified organic farms seems like an impossible mission.

Often it is more logistics than pocket problems that make us give up and, although buying organic meat can be quite an odyssey, it is also true that once the points of sale that interest us are located, everything becomes a lot more easy.

Until organic meat is a product of the typical corner store or large supermarkets, acquiring it will be a little headache. Of course, the truth is that thanks to the network, buying it online and receiving it at home makes things much easier.

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Organic meat at home

As we have pointed out, organic meat at home is another interesting option. We will find online stores that ship from small quantities (half a kilo or a kilo) to boxes. Some of them are supermarkets specialized in organic items or online butchers, there are also farms that do it directly, without intermediaries.

Although today it is like looking for a needle in a haystack, let’s not rule out the possibility that large supermarkets will soon include fresh organic meat among their organic products or their white label organic lines. In this case, the purchase of this type of meat could be done comfortably, from home or on the spot, along with other products.

And finally, I suggest a reflection : organic meat can be interesting from an animalistic approach (although every slaughterhouse is equivalent to abuse) and from a greater health of the consumer, but the truth is that it comes out at a peak and its production does not stop being a waste of resources. Apart from the fact that the welfare of an animal is far from the farms, the most representative data could be the following: with a single cow a human being lives for almost a year, while the cereals that that cow ate during its life would feed it ten times more, about a decade. I leave it there.

Near your house

Since meat is a fresh product, except if we usually freeze it, its purchase requires a certain proximity or regularity of purchase. Therefore, it would be advisable to inquire close to our area, asking in butchers and markets, always requiring the logo.

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