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Cook in an ecological way thanks to the Lekué case

All or most of us need to cook daily and many of us wonder how to do it in an ecological way. Today we will talk about a device created by a Spanish company (Lekué) that will make us have a more eco-responsible behavior in the kitchen, without the need to lose flavor and quality in our dishes.

Although there are dishes that cook them more successfully than others, this small reusable case made of silicone will be a great help in the kitchen and will make you adopt healthier eating habits, since it cooks with steam. In addition, it is perfect for people with little time or for those days when you do not feel like cooking too much, much less scrubbing the entire pile of dishes and utensils afterwards. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article to know how to cook in an ecological way thanks to the Lekué case .

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  1. Oven or microwave?
  2. Company motto
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of cooking with Lekué
  4. Some recurring recipes with Lekué
  5. Salmon with asparagus and cherry tomatoes
  6. Turkey burger with potatoes
  7. Squid rings with tomato
  8. Rice with assorted vegetables
  9. Tuna filled Eggplants
  10. Hake with steamed prawn sauce

Oven or microwave?

When one sets out to be ecological, it is one of the first questions that arises: what uses less energy and pollutes less, the traditional oven or the microwave oven? Although the microwave has a very bad reputation and does not convince all the ecological associations or health experts, compared to the oven it uses much less energy. In making a roast chicken in the oven, for example, it can take 1 hour and a half or two hours; on the other hand, cooking it in the microwave is much faster. This modern appliance contributes to huge energy savings and, on average, consumes 75 times less than a classic oven . It also uses much less energy than the fire in the kitchen or the ceramic hob.

Especially if we have frozen food, the oven is very slow to make it (and it takes a while to prepare) and also uses much less energy. If the oven is electric, only 14% of that energy goes to cooking food . If it is gas, only 6%. In the case of the microwave, the energy used rises to 60%. It is logical that ten minutes in the microwave will consume less energy than one hour in the oven, although not everything can be cooked in the microwave (for example, the bread is soft and rubbery, unless we have a model with the latest generation grill function)

Why are we telling you this? Because the way to cook the Lekué cover is in the microwave , (although it can also be in the oven but we do not recommend it), hence it proposes a simple, fast and easy way to steam all kinds of dishes and foods, highlighting the rice, vegetables and fish.

Company motto

The Lekué brand has managed to open an important path in the kitchen utensils and products market. In addition to the fact that it is always good to bet on Spanish brands, Lekué’s philosophy is precisely to create utensils that not only do not harm the environment, but are also ecological and that help us to stay healthier, since they are committed to healthy eating .

In fact, they do not use polluting packaging, their products are made with platinum or ceramic silicone. They started with the Lekué steam case, their main utensil and the one that we are going to present now, but they have been bringing out new, more specific inventions for families and people who like to cook. A few days ago, in our post on how to replace the polluting aluminum foil, we presented its case to store and preserve sandwiches.

Advantages and disadvantages of cooking with Lekué

The brand’s standard steam case of 600 milliliters and for two people (if you have a large family, you will have to buy a larger container, which there are) costs less than 20 euros and is ideal for cooking food quickly. It is now available to buy on Amazon. It preserves them better, ensures that their nutrients are not lost and enhances the flavors thanks to the silicone from which it is made. The main advantages of cooking with Lekué are:

  • It is ecological : it will make us very often do without a glass-ceramic hob and oven, which will result in enormous energy savings.
  • We will support a national company : by buying it, we will be supporting a national company that has set itself the goal of helping the environment.
  • We will eat healthier : since all foods are steamed, much healthier than fried and free of fat.
  • Bet on natural food : with Lekué, you will use pre-made dishes much less often, which taste bad, are not healthy, are full of preservatives and use a lot of packaging.
  • You will eat more vegetables : you would be surprised to know how many recipes with vegetables and vegetables we can make with Lekué, so we will be investing in our health and ours.
  • We will save a lot of time : a dish for two people can easily be prepared in ten minutes, counting the preparation time. If you barely have time to cook, it is your ultimate solution.
  • We will not have to scrub so much : to make a simple paste, we sometimes stain a pot, a drainer, a wooden spoon, a trowel, a frying pan, a cutting board, a knife and the dishes. With Lekué, you will get little more dirty than the container that is very easy to wash.
  • Prevents diseases : most kitchen utensils are made of plastic, a material that contains chemicals that are bad for our body. By opting for a platen silicone instrument, we will be using a material that does not produce migrations to food and that also helps preserve its nutrients and flavor.
  • Lekué contributes to our economy : we will not only notice it in the electricity and water bill, but also its recipes teach us to save food and use very cheap and easy-to-find foods. In addition to the fact that the case is very competitively priced, only 20 euros.
  • Perfect if you want to lose weight or just eat healthy: as we have said, cereals and vegetables are many of the things that can be done.
  • The taste is very acceptable : it may seem that this type of cuisine is not going to result in tasty dishes on our plate, but it is not. With the right amount of spices and perhaps learning to adjust the time according to our microwave, the result is really good. It won’t reach the level of your mother’s homemade stew, but the food tastes good and is juicy.


  • It is true that not everything can be cooked with Lekué, there are dishes in which we will continue to have to use the ceramic hob.
  • You have to be careful when you take it out and when you open it because the steam can burn us.
  • After a while, the packaging darkens slightly.
  • The simple container is only for two people, so if we cook for many people it will not work, it will cease to be functional.

Some recurring recipes with Lekué

If you dare to take a new ecological step, we will tell you that this steam case is very easy to use . Although there are hundreds of recipes on the Internet (and the package comes with a book of the most basic), you immediately become fond of trying and trying.

Like everything, some come out better and others come out worse for us. Some of the easiest and most successful recipes are the following:

Salmon with asparagus and cherry tomatoes

If we had to choose, we would say that probably what comes out best with this case are the fish, which are just right, as well as the vegetables. The trick is just knowing the cooking time for each one, which is very simple once we have the recipe and the case comes with the cooking times for each food. You will see how tender the vegetables are!

  1. Place the raw wild asparagus in the tray of the case with some oil and season.
  2. Add two tablespoons of water, close the lid and heat in the microwave at maximum power for 4 minutes (4 ‘).
  3. Place the salmon fillet on top with salt and its spices, such as dill.
  4. Heat 3 more minutes.
  5. Cut the tomatoes and add parsley and garlic, a drizzle of oil.
  6. Add to the case and heat for two more minutes. Clever!

Also hake with potatoes and onion is very good. It’s funny how potatoes in Lekué (one of the foods that most despair because of how long it takes to bake) are cooked right away.

Turkey burger with potatoes

recipe that children will love .

  1. Place a turkey burger (the same, we season with salt and spices as we like).
  2. Add a quarter glass of water and set it for 2 and a half minutes.
  3. Take out and serve.
  4. Place the peeled potato in slices, as for an omelette, a little olive oil and about 4 minutes in the microwave.

Squid rings with tomato

To make this recipe, you will have to follow these steps :

  1. Cut a pepper and an onion and put on tray 2 ‘.
  2. Add half a pot of natural tomato, oil, salt and sugar. Again 2 ‘. Reserve.
  3. Introduce squid rings with garlic powder 2 ‘.
  4. Add the sauce and cook one more minute.

The water from the squid and the tomato will remain under the tray, so we will only keep the good things in the food.

Rice with assorted vegetables

This case is also very good for making rice and of course there are many vegetarian recipes that we can prepare.

To make this recipe, you just have to : put a cup of basmati rice, 4 of water, 1 carrot cut into cubes, cut green beans, broccoli, a piece of vegetable stock cube and a little olive oil. 14 ‘and two rest.

Tuna filled Eggplants

A low calorie recipe that only takes about 20 minutes to make .

  1. Make cuts in the aubergines. Cook in the case for 11 ‘.
  2. Cut peppers into small pieces and drain the tuna. Also wash and cut the tomatoes.
  3. Remove the aubergines and cook the peppers for 5 ‘.
  4. Add tuna, tomatoes and the pulp of the aubergines. 5 ‘more.
  5. Fill the aubergine and sprinkle with Parmesan.

Hake with steamed prawn sauce

To make this recipe, follow these steps :

  1. In the bottom of the case, put the heads of some prawns or prawns that we will have peeled (about 6 per person), with the chopped onion and carrot, a clove of garlic, chilli, a splash of white wine, a tablespoon of flour and a glass of salted water. 5 minutes at full power.
  2. Beat and strain the ingredients.
  3. Place the hake slices with prawns, mussels in the case and cover with the sauce that we have made.
  4. 3 ‘and you’re done.

We can also make recipes like these :

  • Whole mussels with onion in tomato sauce.
  • Sushi.
  • Dough for homemade sponge cake.
  • Chicken and lamb skewers with potatoes.
  • Swiss chard with sautéed potatoes.
  • Rice pudding.
  • Timbale of vegetables.
  • Homemade mashed potato.
  • Apple pie.
  • Chicken drumsticks with mashed potatoes.
  • Spinach with raisins.
  • Pasta sauces or even pasta carbonara.
  • Patatas bravas or potatoes with parsley and garlic.
  • Strawberry and chocolate waffles.
  • Zucchini stuffed with spinach and prawns.

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