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Cooking recipes with organic products

Cooking with organic products is similar to cooking with conventional ones, and you don’t even need specific recipes to achieve excellent results. It will be enough to follow the instructions, that is, it will be enough to get the ingredients and try that all or most of them are organic and follow the steps, or simply be inspired by them to create our own dish.

In this post we have selected three simple recipes that give all the prominence to biological ingredients, precisely because of that simplicity. In the case of the classic baked apples , they are cooked whole, and the same happens with the stuffed tomatoes, so we take advantage of the minimal presence of pesticides on the skins.

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  1. Roasted apples
  2. Eggs in cocotte
  3. Filled tomatoes
  4. Conclusions

Roasted apples

Roasted apples only require a quarter of an hour to prepare and 30 minutes to bake at 180 °, preheat for ten minutes. The ingredients: 4 organic apples (pippin, for example), 40 grams of organic butter, organic nuts and sesame seeds, apple syrup or honey, also organic.

After spreading a tablespoon of butter in a baking dish – avoid those that are coated with non-stick materials, choose those made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel – we place the apples previously washed and dried, without peeling.

We can also cut the upper part as a hat and, if desired, we can remove the core and fill it with nuts or, on the other hand, ideal for making compost. In the hollow inta. Before serving, soak with syrup or honey and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Eggs in cocotte

The recipe for eggs in cocotte is also uncomplicated and comes out very rich, it only requires a quarter of an hour to prepare and 8 to 10 minutes to cook. For two people, we will prepare the following ingredients: 250 g of organic spinach, zucchini or other organic vegetables, a clove of garlic, 2 organic eggs, half a glass of organic soy cream, a couple of slices of organic bread, a drizzle of organic olive, salt and pepper powder. After washing the chosen vegetables, except if they are frozen, we will add the well crushed garlic and sauté it in the pan with a little olive oil. Wait until the broth disappears and add the salt and pepper.

Before we will have preheated the oven to 240 ° and we will introduce the vegetable paste in the bottom of the two molds and we will break an egg in each of them. Finally, we will cover them with the gently seasoned soy cream, baking in a bain-marie for about ten minutes. Serve in the same mold and with toasted bread.

Filled tomatoes

The tomatoes green are delicious fillings with very different ingredients, so also easily it supports a vegan version only excluding minced meat. Its preparation requires about 40 minutes and the following ingredients for two people: 4 organic tomatoes, organic minced meat, half organic onion, organic natural yogurt, organic olive oil, garlic, parsley and salt.

If we want to take advantage of the nutritional properties of the skin, it will not be necessary to peel them, so after washing and drying them well, we will cut the base and empty them carefully so as not to spoil them. Next, we will prepare the filling with the tomato pulp, the crushed onion, the meat and salt to taste. Once sautéed, add the yogurt and fill the tomatoes with the pasta and decorate with parsley. Serve immediately or, if you prefer, prepare in advance and drink cold.


Eggs en cocotte , the second of the recipes, are a good way to take advantage of the tremendous culinary possibilities of this highly nutritious product. Taking into account that organic eggs are much more expensive than conventional ones, we will get more out of them by cooking them for a first or second course that, this time, also admits different versions depending on whether you want to use one or the other vegetables.

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