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Organic supermarkets of organic products

The supermarkets organic are the perfect place to find a wide variety of organic products for daily use. Although the green section of conventional supers is increasingly common, and its offer increases, in the same way eco-supermarkets are experiencing a considerable boom.

Fully oriented towards organic products, they make it easy for us to make a healthy and environmentally friendly purchase without having to look for the products in different establishments.

Of course, it is no secret that their prices are significantly higher, but it is also true that their specialization can be a cheaper option in comparative terms, especially because of their variety, when they include the option of buying in bulk, loyalty programs , white marks or, for example, the largest formats.

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  1. What products can I buy?
  2. Physical store or online store?
  3. Which supermarket to choose
  4. Conclusions

What products can I buy?

The great novelty that these supermarkets have meant is precisely that, offering an alternative to corner supermarkets or large shopping centers. In general, they are medium in size, and in them you can buy practically everything you need for our food, home hygiene and personal care.

The most important differences focus on their specialization, in the manner of the old grocery stores, which is why sections typical of large shopping centers are not included. This does not mean that they do not have their own sales area apart from food, household hygiene, cosmetics and other household products.

In fact, small appliances and home accessories of very different kinds are often sold . In addition, since the herbal and cereal section is usually especially extensive, accessories related to it are sold such as bakeries , cups or teapots, for example.

If we look for our favorite brands, the vast majority will not find them, although it is increasingly common to find eco lines of traditional products, such as ketchups, legumes, crushed tomato, dairy products, sliced ​​bread, beer, jam, pasta, rice , cosmetics or articles for personal or domestic hygiene, etc.

In general, the brands will be different and, as we have pointed out, there is also the possibility that the establishment in question has its own private label, especially when it is a supermarket chain .

Physical store or online store?

If we make the purchase of the week in a single organic supermarket , convenience is an aspect to take into account that for many people is decisive, but it is also true that saving will be complicated in this way.

Taking advantage of the offers is important, no doubt, but if we finally fill the shopping cart, the savings from the discounts will end up being compensated. That is, it will not be as cheap as you could get by buying in different stores.

Including bio supermarkets and conventional stores with organic products, some with their own line. Because organizing to find the best deals in different supermarkets can be easier than we imagine.

The trick is to take advantage of shipments to home and the possibilities offered by the network, both for online purchase and be aware of the deals when shopping in physical stores. All this added to what we can contribute, either by supplying ourselves from our own organic garden, making organic bread at home using organic cereals bought in bulk, in bags of 5, 10 or more kilos.

Nor should we forget the existence of consumer groups, ideally within a collaborative domestic economy model in order to take advantage of the local production of organic food without having to pay more for products that bear the seal. In these cases, trust in the producer is essential.

Which supermarket to choose

If we wonder where to start, his would be to inform us about the organic supermarkets near our home or workplace. Take a look at them, and assess the variety of products, prices and, for example, ask about the possibility of having the purchase sent to our home, either by paying the postage or for free from a certain cost.

Although we believe that we do not have eco supermarkets nearby, if we live in a big city, we may be surprised. It is what the ecological fashion has, a trend that has come to stay, and that is demanding this type of establishments in the neighborhoods in order to fulfill the essential function of corner stores.


Once the situation has been felt, it is key to take into account online stores, both those that offer specific bio products (organic meat, fruits and vegetables, etc.) and organic supermarkets, assessing the opinions of other users, prices, shipping costs and deadlines for receipt, and distance so as not to exceed our carbon footprint.

In some online eco-supermarkets (Super ecological, Natural like life itself, EnterBio, Huerta Mediterrénea, Mercat Local or Compra Ecològic, Hierbabuena or Fenoll, among many others) they act as intermediaries or as a sales platform for the same producers, specifically Tawari , Recapte or Dr. Veg. Let’s take this into account, as well as those supermarkets that may be far from home but close enough to be able to go to take note of what we could order online, such as Veritas supermarkets or the Herbolario Navarro network.

Although organic supermarkets are a reality, if we want to make a master purchase, the strategy is to use all the cards we have and organize ourselves so that it is practical for us. In the future, who knows, maybe green will be more affordable . In the meantime…

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