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Washable cloth diapers: an ecological alternative

Have you ever thought how many disposable diapers are used per year in the world? It is undoubtedly one of the products that we spend the most when we have a baby. And we use hundreds of them every year! Surely, after a while, you have noticed it on the invoice. The environment also suffers, as diaper waste is a big problem for the ecology. In addition, a child spends an average of 1,250 disposable diapers during the first two years of life.

However, ecological associations and companies have already realized this great expense and are working to offer alternatives. The most common are ecological diapers made of cloth, which are washable and offer a guarantee of optimal quality for our boy or girl. They last much longer, wash easily and absorb even better than traditional ones.

Many mothers, however, although they want to be environmentally friendly, fear using cloth diapers as they are considered harsher on their baby’s skin than cotton ones. For this, of course, it is not about buying any type of fabric, but about choosing the highest quality for the well-being and comfort of the little ones. Although they are less economical, in the long run we will save much more than with disposables. Also, that they are good does not mean that they will cost us too much. Next, in AgroCorrn we have in detail all about washable cloth diapers, an ecological alternative .

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  1. Washable Cloth Diaper Materials
  2. Organic absorbent diapers
  3. Disposable but ecological diapers
  4. Join the ecological also in the care of the baby!

Washable Cloth Diaper Materials

Quality diapers must be made with very special fabrics, and it is advisable to choose micro fleece for the inner face. Why? Because this fabric is soft but highly absorbent, and dries quickly. Apart from micro fleece , there are other alternatives such as polyester duvetine , although many people insist that the quality is worse and the diaper will last us less time.

For the outer fabric, eco-friendly diaper traders say that the best is polyurethane , a waterproof material that does not allow liquids to escape, but does allow air to pass through, so that the baby’s bottom is dry and airy. Likewise, there are other alternatives, although mothers who have tried many types of diapers insist that polyurethane is the most successful fabric right now.

Organic absorbent diapers

Of course, not only the material from which it is made is important; but also its internal absorption system . To do this, you must choose a diaper that has several layers of fabric, bamboo being a good option for its ability to absorb, it also has to have adapters and all its fabric must be of high quality. Before buying, compare it with the most complete disposable diaper on the market and do not settle for less for the well-being of the baby.

For its fixation, the best thing is the velcro, a good velcro that will allow us to keep it fixed, that does not press or rub against the baby’s skin.

As young children grow at such speed, and since these diapers are manufactured with the intention of lasting several years, it is not necessary to buy one for each month, but to use it for much longer. We therefore recommend that you choose stores that sell them in a single size, adapted for all ages, with adjustable velcro as the baby’s body grows.

The vast majority can easily adapt from 3 kg to 20 kg ; that is, from when they are newborns until they begin to use the bathroom on their own. The versatility in size settings will save you a lot of headaches.

As for any self-respecting purchase, choose reliable, traditional companies, with an ecological brand and that offer you the maximum guarantee, since the purchase of quality diapers is a very important decision for the comfort of your baby and your own peace of mind. Remember that by acquiring national products you are also minimizing transport costs than products that come from far away.

Prices can vary greatly. It is possible to find them from 30 euros, up to 200 diapers, but surely if you calculate the number of diapers and money you spend in a year, it will totally compensate. They also sell them in the form of twenty or thirty packs, which is very useful.

In addition, this type of durable cloth diapers are sold in various colors, even with prints, which will make the baby’s appearance much more aesthetic. You will need to buy more than one to have replacement parts when they get dirty. Most of them are easily washed in the washing machine or by hand and dry immediately, being spotless afterwards. Although, yes, it is not recommended to use softener when washing diapers, especially if they are made of bamboo, because it weakens the material and makes it less absorbent. Ironing is not recommended either.

Disposable but ecological diapers

This option is perfect to contribute to the environment and give your baby a unique well-being. The second option, a little less recommended, but still better than buying regular diapers, is buying Bio diapers, which are disposable, but are made with ecological materials, also with the same guarantees for comfort. In Bio stores and on specialized Internet portals you will find the pack of 40 units starting at 11 euros.

Join the ecological also in the care of the baby!

The main advantages of ecological diapers are: the savings that we are going to notice in the long run, the knowledge that we are polluting much less than with the others and a greater protection of the baby’s skin. Likewise, having washable diapers does not mean that we have to put more washing machines or loads with only two or three diapers, another advantage of buying them one-size. If we have a large collection of them (as we have said, we find color packs of 30 or 40 diapers), we can put an exclusive washing machine for them when they are running out or integrate it with other garments.

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