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How to clean pants without washing them

One of the most important expenses we make on water in our day to day is doing the laundry. In fact, the washing machine is one of the appliances that consumes the most water and energy in the whole house. However, although washing clothes is necessary and essential, it is also true that, on many occasions, we throw used clothes into the laundry basket without actually needing to be washed. In fact, if we were to wash clothes more efficiently, we would save water, electricity and money. If, for example, you want to know how to clean pants without washing them , keep reading AgroCorrn and we’ll tell you about it.

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  1. When do you have to wash clothes?
  2. How to clean a pants without washing it?
  3. How to amortize consumption when putting a washing machine?

When do you have to wash clothes?

One of the problems that arise when it comes to doing laundry is knowing when is the right time to do it. Years ago, our grandparents’ generation could spend weeks wearing the same clothes. But, nowadays, it is not strange to wear pants or a T-shirt for a couple of hours and wash it without, in many cases, not even losing the smell of the fabric softener. Both cases are extreme and, like most things in life, the virtue lies in finding the right balance between the two.

As a general rule, it could be said that the time has come to wash clothes when they are dirty . However, this is too general. In addition, many times, we can wear the clothes for several days without it becoming really dirty but, with use, it has lost the freshness of the “just washed” clothes.

Another important aspect when it comes to washing clothes depends on the type of clothes we are talking about. If we think of pants, for example, a jeans. We will be facing a garment that can be worn several times without any problem, since it is a garment that is not in contact with parts of the body that sweat especially, and it is also a type of fabric that resists dirt well. On the contrary, garments that are in direct contact with parts of our skin that sweat more frequently and in greater quantity, such as underwear or gym clothes, it is evident that we will be facing garments that will need to be washed more frequently. .

Thus, there is no single and unanimous criterion to say when is the right time to wash clothes. However, it would be important that, before throwing a garment into the laundry basket, we ask ourselves if we really need to wash it or if it can hold one more wear. This will save water and energy for the planet, and for us time and money.

How to clean a pants without washing it?

Although it is important to know when to wash clothes, another aspect that can influence this is specific stains . Imagine you’ve just put on some pants, it’s completely immaculate, you’ve just taken it out of the closet and it still smells clean. However, for work reasons, or simply because you have met some friends for lunch, you have been unlucky enough to get dirty. The pants as a whole are clean and you could continue using them for several donations, but the stain is very visible and you cannot wear pants. Is the best solution to throw it in the washing machine?

In these cases, we have at our disposal different ways to amortize the washing of the pants. First of all, the smartest thing we can do is clean the stain. That is, only the stain, not the entire pants. To remove a stain from a pants, it will be necessary to take into account what type of stain it is, since, depending on the type of substance in question, there will be more or less effective combinations.

In any case, the most common way to remove stains and clean pants without washing them can go through one of the following solutions:

Natural neutral soap

There are different natural soaps that we can use to clean the stain. To do this, just rub the stain for a couple of minutes in a sink with water and natural neutral soap. When the stain has disappeared, we will remove the pants and wait for the part of the stain to dry. If necessary, we will repeat the operation one more time.

Water with salt

Another formula that usually works well is using water with a tablespoon of diluted salt to clean the stain. The process will be identical to that described in the case of natural neutral soap, but, in this case, using water and salt.

Lemon juice

Finally, another of the most effective formulas is to add lemon juice to the mixture of water and salt. This formula increases the effectiveness of this homemade stain cleaner, which is why it is indicated for more resistant stains than the more conventional ones. In the same way, we will rub over the stain in a sink, rinse and let the part of the fabric that we have washed dry.

In this way, we can clean the stain from the pants (or any other garment) without having to wash it completely, which will avoid unnecessary spending and consumption.

How to amortize consumption when putting a washing machine?

One of the aspects that we have to take into account when we put the washing machine is to do it in the most efficient way possible. To do this, the most advisable thing is, first of all, to fill it entirely . The worst thing that can be done in terms of consumption and expenditure of natural and economic resources is to put the washing machines half full. The washing machine will consume the same amount of water and energy, but only half of the clothes will have been washed. Therefore, if we fill the washing machine to its maximum capacity, we will make better use of the available resources .

Likewise, another important aspect when washing clothes is to use natural products. Today there are both soaps and washing machine softeners that are ecological and respectful with the environment. In this way, we will avoid spilling chemical products into the environment, in addition to ensuring that the clothes last in good condition for longer. In fact, by avoiding these chemicals in washing clothes, we will also prevent them from coming into contact with our skin, which will help prevent diseases such as atopic skin or certain types of skin allergies. In the following article we will talk about washing nuts , explaining what they are for and how they are used.

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