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The best organic supermarkets in Spain

When it comes to buying organic products, it is not easy to decide where to fill the shopping basket without having to go looking at different points of sale due to the lack of variety, not finding everything we are looking for in the same supermarket or simply because some of the items have prices that seem excessive to us.

In this sense, it is almost a utopia to find in a single establishment a variety, reasonable prices but, above all, competitive, and a wide range of products, ranging from vegetables or meat to food supplements, flours, breads, pastries, processed foods, eggs. , oil, cosmetics or household cleaners.

Currently, while organic products are not standardized as part of the usual offer, if we want bio at a good price we will have to move to Mars or, as a lesser evil, buy in different establishments so that the purchase adjusts to our needs and preferences and ends coming out on account. At AgroCorrn, we show you which are the best organic supermarkets in Spain.

Stores, bio lines and private labels

Even so, organic chain stores, physical supermarkets, online have proliferated, and there are more and more white-label organic products that we find in the corner store or in large stores. And, without a doubt, this translates into a greater offer from which to choose.

Chains or large stores such as Aldi, Carrefour, Eroski or El Corte Inglés have their organic products, either through private labels or with a selection of products, although they are still short or do not even have fresh organic products. However, the prices can be interesting and convenient for the convenience of having them on hand when we go to make other purchases.

On the internet there are also countless online stores that offer us their home delivery services for the sale of organic meat, fruit and vegetables, as well as supermarkets that sell acting as intermediaries or as a sales platform for the producers themselves.

Tawari , for example, is a Barcelona organic store that also allows you to buy online from the same producers. Recapte or Dr. Veg are other alternatives to buy organic directly from the producers.

Veritas supermarkets are a benchmark in organic supermarkets, but their prices are not too sweet, and it is also mandatory to mention the Herbolario Navarro network , with stores in Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Castellón and Madrid.

El Manà is also a complete organic supermarket in Barcelona, ​​or With the table set in Cadiz. The Ecological Super, Mediterranean Garden, Peppermint, Natural as life itself, EnterBio, Fenoll, Mercat Local or Compra Ecològic are other successful online stores that are well worth a look.

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