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Prepare the land for planting vegetables

There are already many people who want to have their own organic garden in which to grow some food for personal consumption, especially fruits and some vegetables.

However, before getting to work with the planting it is essential that you do not overlook a basic: the preparation of the farmland. Preparing the ground will ensure that at the very least our plants start to develop on the right foot, regardless of problems that may arise later on. If you are interested in knowing how to prepare the land to plant vegetables , in this AgroCorrn article we will explain it to you.

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How to prepare the land for planting vegetables

The best time of year to carry out this process is the end of winter and the beginning of spring , so the month we are in or the next are perfect for it; Take advantage of the harvest of the last fruits of winter to get down to work.

The first thing you should do is put manure on the entire surface where you are going to plant the vegetables, approximately 8 kilos of this substance per square meter. Once you have it on the ground, you will have to till the ground so that it mixes with the ground and is effective.

For the planting of aromatic plants, such as thyme or parsley, for example, it is best to place them near fruit trees, as their aroma helps to drive away pests.

If you are going to plant vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, artichokes, pumpkins …) you must do so in a place where they are protected from the wind and frost. In fact, it would not hurt if they began their development in a warm place, such as a small greenhouse or in another somewhat protected place such as a garage or similar.

Do not think that the land will be perfect for cultivation just like that, because the quality of the next harvest will depend largely on the previous care that you have given to the land.

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