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World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions

During the history of the Earth different climatic changes have taken place in a natural way. However, we are currently facing a new change more drastic than those experienced before. This is due to the influence of the human being and the CO₂ emissions that it produces in the development of its activities, such as the use of fossil fuels for transport and industry. Because of this situation and the need to face it, a specific day has been created to deal with and reflect on this problem. Do you want to know what day it is?

In AgroCorrn we will tell you everything about the world day for the reduction of CO₂ emissions, on January 28 . Don’t forget to write it down on your calendar!

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  1. What is CO2 or carbon dioxide
  2. Why CO2 emissions to the atmosphere are a problem
  3. World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions
  4. Other measures to reduce CO₂ emissions
  5. How to help reduce CO2 emissions

What is CO2 or carbon dioxide

CO₂, also known as carbon dioxide, is a gas made up of two oxygen atoms and one carbon, which is emitted into the atmosphere through the development of different human activities such as:

  • The burning of fossil fuels (coal and oil).
  • Industrial production.
  • Incorrect waste management.

Deforestation should be added to these activities , since plants have the ability to transform CO₂ into O₂, so that the devastation of trees implies the possibility of transforming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into oxygen.

Why CO2 emissions to the atmosphere are a problem

CO₂ is one of the best known greenhouse gases along with tropospheric ozone and methane. They receive this name because the increase in their levels in the atmosphere causes changes in the climate and a progressive warming of the earth since they prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating the earth, as if it were a greenhouse.

Some of the phenomena that occur as a consequence of this climate change are the retreat of glaciers and rising sea levels, variations in rainfall that result in floods or droughts, fires, changes in agricultural productivity, development and the spread of heat-related diseases, extinction and destruction of species and ecosystems and a long etcetera.

World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions

The need to implement a day dedicated to this cause is due to the fact that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached its historical maximum today, giving rise to a worrying situation for which it is necessary to find a solution. In this way, the United Nations (UN) designated January 28 as the World Day for the Reduction of CO₂ Emissions .

This day is born with a main objective, to reduce CO emisiones emissions that we emit into the atmosphere. In addition, it has other secondary objectives, such as the dissemination of environmental education in order to sensitize and educate the population about the importance of combating climate change and adopt all the necessary measures that are in our power to prevent its continued evolution.

It also tries to promote policies that ensure the reduction of emissions , such as investing in clean and renewable energy.

Other measures to reduce CO₂ emissions

In addition to having a day dedicated to the cause, there are many other measures that fight to solve this problem, such as the Kyoto Protocol , implemented in 1997, which includes the commitment of several countries to limit and reduce their CO₂ emissions.

On the other hand , the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has held annual conferences since 1995 in order to promote future objectives and models for reducing carbon dioxide.

In addition, the European Union, to demonstrate its degree of commitment to this problem, has recently proposed to set a mandatory target, so that, by 2030, the current emissions should have been reduced to 40% . We must emphasize that the ambition of this objective implies a great economic expense. However, it is clear that the end justifies the means.

How to help reduce CO2 emissions

We can all collaborate in reducing CO₂ emissions . Here are some habits and measures that you can put into practice:

  • Promote lower energy expenditure and use renewable energy : energy consumption involves a large consumption of natural resources, so simply by turning off a switch we will be favoring and supporting the reduction of carbon dioxide. On the other hand, renewable energies emit practically no greenhouse gas, so investing in them means investing in a more sustainable world.
  • Use public transport: means of transport are one of the main sources of CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere, therefore, by using public transport we contribute to reducing the number of vehicles that travel by road and with it, the level of issue.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle: by taking advantage of the products and offering them a double life, we contribute to reducing the consumerism that characterizes today’s society, the need for production and with it the consumption of resources.
  • Compensate for CO₂ emissions: as we have mentioned before, plants contribute to the consumption of carbon dioxide, transforming it into oxygen, so that through the planting of trees and the conservation of our forests we can support the reduction of atmospheric CO₂ .

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