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Ecological apps that you cannot miss

We live in the era of technology, of smartphones, we already use apps for almost everything … and, of course, ecology and sustainability also have a place in this world. Technology is not incompatible with caring for the environment, moreover, sometimes they go hand in hand (for example, filling out an application by email has less impact on the environment than using paper). Let’s not forget that these applications will help us to be informed, to educate ourselves on environmental matters and to be able to know if we are being as ecological as we should.

We present you a series of applications that an ecologically conscious person may find very useful. All of them are free. Discover below, in Green Ecology, the ecological apps that you cannot miss.

  1. Carbon tracker: to calculate our carbon footprint
  2. iRecicle, passion for recycling
  3. Recycling guide
  4. Clean point
  5. GoodGuide, the application that shows you organic products
  6. Seafood Watch by Monterey Bay Aquarium for Responsible Seafood
  7. Green outlet, saving on the electricity bill
  8. Green Globe, to travel with a green conscience
  9. Light Bulb Finder, for a home with ecological light
  10. Loss Of the Night, to be illuminated by the stars
  11. Pollution will show you how polluted your city is
  12. Noise pollution at bay with Noise Meter
  13. Unpack, catch the blackheads
  14. Ecoelink, the social network
  15. Go Green, the application that shows us the green way
  16. Herbalist, the world of medicinal plants
  17. Bikemap and Bike & Go, the apps for cyclists

Carbon tracker: to calculate our carbon footprint

An application that will calculate the daily or weekly carbon footprint. It will be very entertaining to know on a scale if we are ecological or if, on the contrary, we can still improve in many things and replace some habits.

It is suitable for individuals, but if you have a business, it is very important that you use it to verify that footprint. In addition, it not only detects the problem, but also provides solutions. It recommends how to save energy, how you can have a more sustainable behavior or what alternatives you have to reduce your spending, such as alternatives in public transport.

iRecicle, passion for recycling

This application that occupies only 2.5 Megabytes will teach you how, when and where to recycle each material. If you have doubts about where to take one or another waste, the application will explain it to you quickly. By entering your address or postal code, it will indicate the places to recycle all the waste that you accumulate in your home or business. It has never been so easy before! Recommend it to all those who are new to the art of recycling.

Recycling guide

This free app for Android or iOS in Spanish will help you, with a single click, to indicate in which container each waste goes. Probably, if you have read AgroCorrn’s posts, you are already clear where the basic materials go, but it is very useful for last-minute doubts. Thus, we will be clear that we are always recycling conveniently.

Clean point

Recovering the previous concept, this application works through a map that will always indicate, whether at home or on the road, the position of the closest clean point to deposit your waste. So you won’t have to go further than necessary to carry out your daily recycling activity.

GoodGuide, the application that shows you organic products

Would you like to learn how to buy in a more respectful way with the environment ? GoodGuide is your allied application. It includes a database of 210,000 products, including clothing, cosmetics, things for the house, products for children … You just have to enter what you need to buy and it will indicate on a scale from 0 to 10 the environmental damage caused by the manufacture of that product. So you can buy all kinds of products in a much more ecological way; for example, by scanning the barcode of the chosen product. In addition, it provides you with other very useful information, such as the nutritional value, if the animals have suffered damage or not with this manufacture or how this product affects climate change.

Seafood Watch by Monterey Bay Aquarium for Responsible Seafood

Do you like fish and shellfish, but do you suffer thinking that perhaps this product has caused damage to the seas and oceans? This application will help you to know where to eat sustainable seafood , both in restaurants and in supermarkets, so that you can only consume these foods in places that you know have followed the necessary ecological guidelines.

Green outlet, saving on the electricity bill

This great application not only serves to be more ecological, but also to save on the energy bill of our home or our business. In just a few minutes, it will calculate how much your home appliances consume (monthly and daily). So you can know for sure which of them consumes more, become aware of not leaving them plugged in when they are in disuse and replace them with more ecological appliances in the short term.

Green Globe, to travel with a green conscience

Traveling is a pleasure, but wouldn’t it be twice as great if we knew that we are doing it in an ecological way? This totally free app will help you plan trips around the world and know which hotels, attractions or activities are more sustainable.

Light Bulb Finder, for a home with ecological light

Surely, you have ever wondered if the bulbs you use in your place or office are the ones that save the most. Calculate how much you currently spend and the app will tell you what type of ecological light bulb you could use to replace the ones that consume more. So you can go to the store knowing what to buy at all times. It is a useful application that will save you a lot of energy and is available for both Android and iOS.

Loss Of the Night, to be illuminated by the stars

This application is very interesting because it gives us curious data and, in addition, it helps to raise awareness about urban light pollution. Simply by connecting your mobile, you will be able to know the visibility of the stars of the place where you live and its contamination. If you make trips to the field often, it will be very useful. It is only available for Android.

Pollution will show you how polluted your city is

This application for iPhones and other Apple devices allows you to measure pollution in real time in many cities and also provides data on air and water quality. In this way we will be informed about the level of pollution in our city and that of the place where our loved ones live.

Noise pollution at bay with Noise Meter

Likewise, there is an app to measure noise pollution in our city or town. It is very well done and it also has the European Environment Agency behind it as developers. The mobile picks up the sound of the place and will indicate the values ​​of noise pollution.

Unpack, catch the blackheads

The idea is very good, but it must be said that this application is going to be enriched by the contribution of users. It is a ‘complaint’ application that draws up a list of black spots throughout Spain. If you want to notify others of illegal dumping or of any practice that you know damages the environment, this app will allow you to show it to other users and see other deficiencies that you were not aware of on its interactive map.

Ecoelink, the social network

In addition to apps for individual or family use, this social network will allow you to meet people equally interested in ecology , watch videos and photos of other people and participate in ecological forums. It will be very entertaining and satisfying to see how many other people share your interests in this matter.

Go Green, the application that shows us the green way

This app aims to give us an environmental education , often very necessary. What it does is show us tricks to live in a more ecological way. Available for now on iOS.

Herbalist, the world of medicinal plants

If you are one of those who prefer natural remedies to cure ailments or mitigate the symptoms of some diseases, Herbalist is an application that you must install on your electronic devices. It has been declared the most complete encyclopedia on medicinal plants on the App Store. It has a list of more than 700 plants and their effects to cure discomfort. You will be able to learn more about the properties of each plant, the way it is prepared and its contraindications. It is a perfect application to start practicing natural medicine and put chemicals aside. It is in Spanish.

Bikemap and Bike & Go, the apps for cyclists

These two innovative free apps are perfect for those who ride bicycles, the cleanest, healthiest and greenest transport in the city. You will be able to share remarkable routes with other users, obtain useful information for cyclists and even measure your average speed and the calories you have burned with your ride on two wheels.

Hopefully some of these apps will help you complete your daily green life. Fortunately, there are more and more apps of this type and more people are becoming aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Perhaps we have lacked some of interest, if so, do not forget to recommend it to us in comments!

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