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5 reasons to enjoy nature every day

That we live in urban centers , that we have little time or that we work a lot are not valid excuses to give up enjoying every day-without exceptions- of nature. We have to make the most of the wonderful gift that the earth gives us, even on cold days, although we confess ourselves to being “home” people and despite the fact that we can find great pleasure in being at home. Enjoying nature on a daily basis, for as long as possible, brings us benefits to our health and our state of mind. In fact, this conclusion is based on clinical studies and experts from different sectors. Today we propose a goal, to enjoy nature for at least 10 to 30 minutes a day. Ten minutes will be better than nothing, but the ideal is to be able to take half an hour to melt into natural surroundings and enjoy them every day, as much as you can.

Turning it into a daily act will make you feel much better and, in case you are still clear about it, we give you five powerful reasons why we should all set that goal for ourselves (more than a challenge, it will be an enormous pleasure that you will not be able to give up) Without excuse. The summer is a time wonderful to start doing it, no exceptions .

  1. Take time to appreciate the beauty of nature
  2. In nature, you will learn to disconnect
  3. Learn to know nature
  4. Pause to dedicate ourselves only to ourselves
  5. Get fresh air to feel better
  6. Nature is full of curiosities to enjoy

Take time to appreciate the beauty of nature

The contemplation of beauty provokes positive feelings in us and acts as a therapy to improve our mood. If you have had an argument with your partner or an endless work day, it is one of the best things you can do. If you prefer, do some activity in nature, such as yoga or running, but if not you can simply recreate with the most beautiful landscapes that you can quickly access from wherever you live.

A forest or an environment with trees will suffice. We know that sometimes it is difficult to find , but surely there is a place near your home where you can “get lost” for a few minutes every day. Turn off electronic equipment and don’t be in a rush for half an hour. Look carefully at the small natural details, such as the branches of a tree, the dance of insects, the sand, the water, the flowers … Also enjoy natural sounds, such as the singing of birds, and allow your Mind relax with this activity that will make you realize how perfect nature can sometimes be.

In nature, you will learn to disconnect

One of the main reasons why we give you this advice is that your small daily break in free and natural environments will make you disconnect as you cannot imagine. If you learn to take full advantage of it, you will forget for a few minutes your responsibilities and troubles and you will avoid any possible worries you may have. To achieve this objective, which can only bring you benefits in the short and long term, we insist that you must disconnect all mobile devices and devices and thus ensure that the disconnection is complete (what is the use of going to a forest and looking at the mobile screen or check e-mails from work, instead of evading and observing nature?) Don’t think about anything, leave behind theresponsibilities and learn to appreciate those moments. Taking a break from time to time is vital to better cope with our jobs, which often require too much of us, and to keep stress and nerves that harm us so much at bay. Many people propose to disconnect from everything for 24 hours and it suits them very well. Doing it for half an hour a day will not bring you more than positive things.

Learn to know nature

After taking a long look at the flora and fauna of your region, you may well be curious to find out more. “What kind of tree is this that I see?” or “Is that bird a sparrow?” may be some of the questions that arise. These breaks in which we will try to be as connected as possible with nature can also be very instructive.

Pause to dedicate ourselves only to ourselves

This proposed half hour in nature can be done in company . You can go with your children, your partner, with friends and thus you will be more motivated to meet the daily goal. However, sometimes, at least a couple of times a week or whatever you consider, it comes in handy to do it alone. So we can lose ourselves in our thoughts without interruption and have a very valuable time for ourselves, without the need to talk, but only observing nature and relaxing, taking a break from everything.

If you stop to remember, it is possible that since you woke up this morning , you have been continuously doing things, even if they belong to the world of leisure. Work, clean yourself, travel by train, cook, read, play sports … Use this daily break to do nothing, dedicate yourself only to yourself and relax being aware of the environment that we have around us.

Get fresh air to feel better

Breathing fresh air (or at least getting out of stress and the environment of urban centers) is necessary for us, both physically and psychologically.. Empty yourself of everything and feel free in the middle of nature, away from everything. This small exercise of observation and introinspection trying to connect to the maximum with nature and admiring your beauty will make you shit your batteries and will allow you to return to your tasks with more enthusiasm and motivation. If you have a tough exam to prepare or a lot of work, it may be more effective to take a short break in a natural environment than to force yourself to continue and feed the stress. You will see how we face the return to tasks with much more energy. This pause is almost miraculous if you manage to disconnect from everything and find a beautiful place, where you feel comfortable and, if possible, traveled by as few people as possible, without artificial sounds or distractions.

Nature is full of curiosities to enjoy

We can enjoy nature for countless reasons, and those mentioned are just a few of the most notable. In this video we show you 15 curiosities of nature that will surprise you and encourage you to connect more with it in your day-to-day life.

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