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ecological marketing

The ecological marketing part of the business strategy of many companies. More and more companies are betting on this marketing tool for two reasons: winning customers and fighting climate change. In this AgroCorrn article, we explain what green marketing is in detail.

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Types of ecological marketing

We can distinguish between two types of green marketing: from a social perspective and from a business perspective.

From the social perspective , we can see ecological marketing as a set of activities that seek to encourage society to create ecological awareness , to improve behaviors that could be much more beneficial for the environment. We would be talking about a set of actions carried out by non-profit companies, just to spread ideas and desirable environmental behaviors among the citizens and institutions of the countries.

From the business perspective , we can say that it is the one that is applied to sell ecological products , that is, the one that seeks to satisfy needs without damaging the environment. It is a different way of conceiving and executing the exchange relationship. All parties have to win, the company, the consumers and the planet. This contributes to a sustainable development of the economy and society.

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