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Why is ecology in fashion?

Ecology is in fashion. It is not a collective madness, why fool us, but the green fever has its pull, and experts say that it is a fashion that has come to stay. Like love, the taste for green is also in the air, it has a good social acceptance and the trend is growing, slowly but surely.

But that Green is in the air is very volatile, superficial, something on the other hand logical if we take into account that environmentalism is a relatively new movement, and that it still has a long way to go. Above all, in the context in which we operate, this society of ours that frenziedly bets on savage capitalism and globalization, both enemies of ecological practice. In AgroCorrn we tell you why ecology is in fashion .

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Why is it trending?

However, not all that glitters is gold, and to a large extent that ecological craze has a lot to do with the deli market and innovation , and not so much with the core, the true essence of the organic movement. It is, in short, a fashion that obeys different motivations, and many of them have nothing to do with the true sense of ecology as an option in favor of sustainability , the health of the environment and people. Therefore, they would have a strong ethical component that is very often lacking.

It lacks that genuine meaning both on the part of manufacturers or service providers and as regards the other party, those consumers, users and citizens in general, although the causes are very varied and the profile of ecological consumers is different in some and other companies.

In Spain, for example, a good percentage of consumers of organic products are moved by interests unrelated to environmental awareness and / or betting on a healthier lifestyle. Above all, they are looking for a more authentic flavor, a different product, which they consider to be of higher quality. Indeed, the consumption of a gourmet product that provides more quality and a different experience is premium.

In other countries, ecological values have a greater weight in the purchase decision , including not only environmental care in terms of preventing climate change, reducing pollution, recycling or investing in renewable energies , but also with regard to the ethical part . That is why veganism and ecology have many points in common.

However, organic products are rarely affordable. This represents a major obstacle to its standardization. Only by being very informed, aware and committed to a green lifestyle do we understand the importance of eating bio, eco, organic or of carrying out good practices in reducing packaging, efficiency in energy consumption, sustainable mobility, reducing waste and others. everyday actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

The higher prices are tried to combat through ecological initiatives, such as urban gardens, the collaborative economy or, for example, consumer groups. In this sense, ecology is in fashion because there is also a desire to go back to the origins, to the natural, without going out of budget. At the same time, an attempt is made to paint the suffocating urban life green, another reason why green is sought.

Otherwise, the organic market is prohibitive and uninteresting in itself. Except, as occurs in more aware countries and with greater purchasing power, ecological fashion responds to a market that really demands and consumes green products and services as a sign of a real commitment to the environment. Saving the planet and taking care of our health, in these cases, is a powerful engine.

In Spain, however, the demand for organic food is still a minority sector, which does not exceed one percent, but sustained growth is expected in the next ten years. In this way, the predictions create business expectations that manufacturers do not want to pass up.

Likewise, the strong business competitiveness makes the market niches that they promise exploit and, therefore, the market is always eager for new things, to differentiate itself to capture attention and make cash. In this sense, the economy awakens social interest and this is synonymous with business in the most different areas, such as fashion, food, construction, decoration, renewable energy, the automotive industry, cleaning products and accessories of all kinds. .

To save the planet

The denunciation of human practices that are an authentic barbarism on the part of environmentalist and conservationist organizations is another reason why ecology is in fashion . They denounce the dramatic exploitation of the planet, abuses that are depleting the planet’s resources. Pollution, overfishing, species on the ropes, many of them now extinct, illegal trade in animals, deforestation, environmental disasters as a result of the extraction and use of fossil fuels, oceans of cement that kill natural areas, greenhouse gas emissions that are lethal to millions of people every year …

Environmentalists represent a lifeline, a breeze of fresh air, a window to hope for a better world. They are the first to have shown that speaking out allows for results, and they continue to do so: protesting, reaping successes and enduring failures without fainting, getting up a thousand times, unavailable to discouragement … Their example, the opportunity they provide to improve Opposing injustice and proposing new ways of doing things to businessmen, politicians and citizens , is also a reason why ecology is happily in fashion.

Citizen support for green causes is having a good time. The social acceptance of their initiatives translates into growing support for NGOs. If a few years ago their actions seemed little less than criminal (Greenpeace or PETA has starred in countless of them), now they have another consideration, and that ecology is a trend has a lot to do with it. Of course, they have contributed enormously to make it fashionable.

The non – governmental organizations have made their way into society, perhaps because it was necessary so out and act or not as safety valves, the truth is that their deeds are revolutionary. On the one hand, thanks to them, the status quo continues to be maintained, but on the other, their germ can trigger unwanted effects by the system. And then, that would be the beginning of the end …

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