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The benefits of organic farming

Organic farming has many objectives that are gradually being fulfilled to a greater or lesser extent. Promoting biodiversity , using exclusively natural resources and raw materials, seeking the highest nutritional quality, creating employment, seeking the maximum possible development of the rural world or curbing environmental pollution are some examples of what is sought.

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Benefits in sight

The health of consumers of products from organic farming is assured. No biocides or transgenic seeds are used , with all that that entails. In addition, it brings several benefits to the environment. They are as follows:

  • It maintains the habitats of wild animals , fighting in favor of endangered species and those that are about to become so.
  • Stop desertification by fertilizing the land.
  • It blatantly encourages biodiversity .
  • It does its bit for the decontamination of water, air, soil, fauna and flora.
  • It helps to retain water and is not polluting for aquifers.

Unfortunately, products from organic farming are not yet very widespread in the purchasing habits of the population. Many people mistakenly think that they are more expensive and this prompts them not to look at them.

What is ecological agriculture

The agriculture organic , organic or biological is a culture system independent of a farm based on optimal use of resources natural , without using synthetic chemicals, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) nor for fertilizer or to combat pest attacks or for crops, achieving in this way to obtain food organic while the fertility of the land is preserved and respected medium environment . All this in a sustainable, balanced and maintainable way.

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