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How to leave silver as new in an ecological way

Bracelets, chains, unique pieces, cutlery, tea sets, jewelers … There are many silver objects that we can possess. Over time, they inevitably end up losing their luster and shiny silver color. Somehow it now looks matte, with an unflattering black trim. Have you thought about buying new pieces to re-feel the beauty of silver in your home or in your accessories? Do not do it! There is a way to make them look new in an inexpensive, simple and, above all, very ecological way. In addition, it can be done without creating hardly any waste. In this AgroCorrn article we explain how to leave silver as new in an ecological way . Take note!

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  1. The ultimate tricks for cleaning silver items
  2. For small objects
  3. How to clean silver
  4. For larger pieces
  5. How will the silver be

The ultimate tricks for cleaning silver items

The entire process will not take you more than a few minutes. The first thing to do is determine if the pieces are small or large because the system for doing so varies slightly.

  • Small pieces would be: cutlery, silver jewelry, small ashtrays, even the cups of tea sets. Some photo frames may also be included.
  • Great pieces would be: Decorative swords, silver trays, jewelry boxes, teapots, large frames.

Although theoretically the trick that we are going to recommend for the small ones could also be done with the large ones, we suggest separating them.

For small objects

You will only need:

  • Boiling water. The amount will depend on the size of the piece you want to polish. We will use very little if it is, for example, a bracelet and much more if what we are going to restore is a small silver tray.
  • Sodium bicarbonate . It’s amazing what this product can do for us in so many aspects of everyday life. The same relieves us of stomach pain that the fruit washes us to perfection, which is used to clean the bathroom. This element with a whitening and brightening effect will also be very suitable for cleaning silver. You won’t need too much.
  • Foil. We know that this paper is not very ecological and on occasions we have advised not to use it in daily tasks. Therefore, you can use the one that comes in some products (such as chocolate) or ask your acquaintances to keep it for you. In addition, the most positive thing is that you can use it many times. For this reason, we do not recommend it for large pieces, as we would be using too much and there are other more effective methods.
  • A flat and deep container in which your objects can fit loosely.

How to clean silver

Spread the piece of aluminum foil to the bottom of the container. For example, a glass oven dish will go very well – put all your silver jewelry or small objects on the aluminum foil.

Pour the hot water until just enough to cover all the jewels and add a tablespoon of baking soda. If you have many pieces, maybe you should add a little more, but in principle one is enough.

You will see, how small bubbles form during the process. That will mean that everything is going well, since the necessary chemical reaction is taking place that will make it possible for your objects to appear fresh from the jewelry. For this reason, due to the vapors and odors caused by this chemical reaction, we recommend doing it in an outdoor space, on the balcony or in your garden, for example.

Now it is necessary to let it rest for a while. At least 15 minutes even 30 to take effect. Once that time has elapsed, take all your objects, drain them lightly and place them on a smooth kitchen cloth, spread out on the table . The leftover water can be flushed down the toilet. This will allow you to take advantage of it to clean it. Preserve the aluminum foil with traces of baking soda.

For larger pieces

You will have observed how your jewels already have another color, how the black surround has disappeared and the matte tone has given rise to a precious shine . However, the next step is to dry them well, one by one, with the cloth, rubbing them.

If any stain is very persistent (it can happen in the case of very old jewelry that has not been cleaned in years), take some of the excess wet baking soda on the aluminum foil and rub it with your fingers (it is better to use gloves) and you will eliminate any possible spots. Once dried with the cloth, you will see the big difference and you will have obtained jewels that seem new with a very simple trick.

The procedure is very similar. All we have to do is either dip a clean cloth in the preparation that we have used for the jewels (if they are not too blackened) or prepare one of the same in a container or sprayer. If you prefer, add a splash of vinegar or lemon. This mixture can give rise to fumes or even strong odors, so take advantage of the summer to do it on the balcony or in your garden.

How will the silver be

Then you just have to rub the cloth well on the silver pieces.

Another trick that works is to wash the object well with soap and water, spread a little toothpaste and rub with the cloth with all our desire. Afterwards, we wash again under the sink tap well with soap and water. And we polish with the cloth.

With these little tricks, your tarnished silver will regain the shine and beauty it had a few years ago. You will see how it is very simple and, in addition, very ecological.

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