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How to celebrate a party in an ecological way

When special occasions arrive, one of the best ideas is to have a party at home with our loved ones. Also in these leisure moments it is possible to take care of the environment . If you have ever wondered how to celebrate a party in the most ecological way possible, here you will find ideas and recommendations that will make you the organizer of a natural and unforgettable event.

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  1. Crockery and menu
  2. Fun games for kids and adults
  3. Conclusions


Crockery and menu

Then comes the most problematic : the dishes and other items so necessary for a party. Try not to use plastic plates and cups, or paper napkins, but take out your own dishes and rubbers that you can wash later. In addition, it is always much more pleasant to use this type of tableware, as well as cutlery and tablecloth. If you do not have as many pieces as guests, buy recycled and recyclable tablecloths, plates and cutlery, or biodegradable. Plates for nuts and so on can be made, for example, of cardboard. They also sell colored hard plastic, non-disposable tableware that you can wash and store for a future occasion: for example, a family dinner in the country.

Regarding the food and drink to serve, thinking a bit, we will realize that there are many natural and ecological things that we can prepare and will delight children and adults. We can sacrifice some sweets and artificial sugar for delicious fruit juices, lemonade with orange pieces, trays of fresh fruits, such as melon, pineapple or mango, tray of crudités, such as carrot, celery or radish, accompanied with a sauce for dipping, such as cheese sauce, garlic or hummus, which you will make with only lemon, cooked chickpeas and oil. Bet on fresh salads and cold dishes, which will facilitate your preparation and consume less energy and use fewer appliances. This natural menu will give guests ideas to prepare at home. Above all, remember not to prepare much more food than you are going to eat, to avoid half going to the garbage.

Fun games for kids and adults

There are many original games that you can organize without damaging the planet. If the party is for children and you have a large space, organize teams to play “Find the treasure”, leaving a new clue to decipher in each of the places where you have hidden each of the clues. In addition, you can organize a gymkhana in groups that includes workshops for painting T-shirts, crafts with plasticine, a workshop for the recognition of plants and trees, etc. If, on the other hand, it is for adults, organize a trivia game with the help of a laptop, gymkhanas for adults with short board games or musical games, such as a cappella karaoke .

Take advantage of the idea of ​​the party, not only to save on waste, but to generate collective awareness, both for adults and children, about how to optimize resources, how to recycle, etc. For example, one of the quiz games might be “How much do you know about the planet / about recycling?”

Likewise, if you want to give original gifts (in addition to dispensing with wrapping paper and using old newspapers), you can give seeds or pots for children to take care of them and come back a year later to show how much they have grown.

When it is time to collect, remember to place each waste in its specific container. Furthermore, colored bins can be put in the same place at the party for your guests to help you separate each garbage.

Celebrating a special event with friends doesn’t have to leave a lot of waste and unnecessary leftovers. Let’s have fun!


Whether you want to celebrate a children’s birthday or an important date for you, or if you want to gather your friends for the mere pleasure of enjoying some time in company, there are endless options. Parties, as we think of them, tend to leave streams of waste, many of them unnecessary, such as spoiled food.that ends up in the garbage can, tablecloths, napkins or plastic cups that are thrown away. When we were kids celebrating our birthdays, moms used to hand out paper invitations, often with envelopes included. They always ended up fucking. Now, notifying your visitors is very simple and much more ecological, thanks to new technologies. A massive message on Facebook, by email or creating a group on WhatsApp will be the simplest and most modern way to invite them.

Perhaps when we think of a party , especially if it is for children, we imagine dozens of colored balloons scattered on the floor, or hanging. However, these last very little (the time of the party, then we do not know what to do with them), they are made of plastic and they are very polluting. There are many other – and very beautiful – ways to decorate the house for the event. They already sell streamers made from recycled paper, or you can make paper lanterns yourself, which will also be reusable for the next party. If you are going to make a piñata and fill it with confetti, salvage old magazines and cut their pages into small squares. Also, do not forget the flower or plant centers to contribute to the same decoration. Other ideas can be glass jars with colored salt (it is done by rubbing the salt against chalks of different colors and creating an overlap of colors inside the jar), ornaments with buttons , rounded stones, etc., giving way to a decoration, in addition, cooler. If the weather is good and we have a garden, celebrating the party there will require fewer decorative elements and will be more pleasant than an enclosed space.

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