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The stinkiest plants in the world

We are used to plants smelling good. What’s more, sometimes we get some species exclusively for their aroma. The truth is that most flowers have pleasant smells, although there are a group of plants that smell bad. The reason? Apparently the foul smell is necessary to attract pollinating insects more easily.

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  1. Amorphophallus titanum
  2. African Hydnora
  3. Orbea variegata
  4. Rafflesia


Amorphophallus titanum

In addition to having the most stinky smell, these plants are usually characterized by being large. One of the best known is the amorphophallus titanum , which can grow to 6 meters and its flowers can reach two meters. The smell is absolutely unpleasant, similar to that of a decomposing animal: a mixture of feces and rotten meat. Very recently a plant of this same group and very similar to the previous one, including the smell, although smaller, called amorphophallus perrieri, was found in Madagascar.

African Hydnora

Another plant that smells terrible is the hydnora africana , which also serves as a prison for its pollinators. It is a species without chlorophyll native to southern Africa. The plant grows underground, except for a fleshy flower that emerges above the ground and emits an odor of feces to also attract its natural pollinators.

Orbea variegata

The smell of the orbea variegata is not pleasant either. It is a plant belonging to the Asclepiadaceae, with fleshy and smooth stems. However, its peculiarity lies in the fact that it gives off a frankly unpleasant and strong smell.


Finally, we want to talk about the rafflesia , a genus of phanerogamic parasitic plants, which contains several species and usually grows in environments with high humidity. The flowers smell like meat in bad condition and, generally, their fruit is eaten by arboreal shrews and forest animals.

Luckily you can’t smell it through the screen!

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