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15 trees with pinecones

Pineapples, technically called cones , are the structures in which conifers protect their seeds, allowing the ovules to mature inside them for later, once they have become seeds, to facilitate their dispersal. Conifers are the most numerous and important group among gymnosperm plants and, therefore, there is an enormous variety both in the species of trees that produce them and in their different forms. In this AgroCorrn article we are going to see some trees with cones .

Pine trees

Without a doubt, the Pinus, usually called pines, are one of the best-known pineapple trees , or perhaps the most recognized in the world. It is a whole genus of plants, almost all of them trees, that produce pineapples. Some of its species can reach heights of up to 40 meters, but their height tends to be around 25 meters. They are evergreen trees, with blue-green needle-shaped leaves, with a size that ranges between 3 and 8 centimeters.

The pines are very widespread in the cold areas of both Asia and Europe, being in the coniferous forests of the north of the latter where it has special dominance. In Europe alone there are more than 150 varieties of Scots pine, among which are Pinus sylvestris var. sylvestris and Pinus sylvestris var. pyrenaica .

For the cultivation of Scots pine very abundant irrigation is needed, since it is a plant adapted to the high mountain climate.

California redwood, one of the tallest pinecone trees

The Sequoia sempervirens , also called California Redwood or redwood , is well known for being the tallest tree in the world. It is a species that has existed since the very Jurassic period, with which these plant giants came to live with the dinosaurs.

They are trees that can exceed 100 meters in height, with a strong and totally straight trunk, with thick and reddish bark that darkens as the tree ages. It has small, flattened leaves, up to 25 millimeters long, and light green tones.

The cones of the sequoia tree are small and rounded, reaching 3 centimeters in length. This type of redwood is endemic to the North American Pacific coast, especially in the US area between Oregon and California.

Find out more about the Giant Sequoias: characteristics, where they are and photos with this other post.

White fir

Although the genus Abies includes a large number of fir species, one of the most common, which is also called the common fir or white fir , is the Abies alba .

This species of fir is typical of the mountainous areas of the European continent, with a height that can reach 50 meters and a markedly pyramidal structure. It gets its name from the whitish tone of its bark, although it darkens and cracks as the tree ages. It is common to use its essences as balsamic, healing and disinfectant, in addition to other properties.

Himalayan cedar

Among the trees with pineapples on this list, this species could not be missing, since it is really striking for various reasons. This tree, with the scientific name Cedrus deodara and known as the tree of the gods , is a kind of impressive prote that reaches 50 meters in height, with a conical shape, although the crown tends to lean over the years.

It stands out for being one of the fast-growing trees , and for the great contribution of organic matter that its fallen leaves and branches offer to the soil throughout the year, since it is evergreen. In addition, it can live almost a thousand years, one of the reasons why it receives its mystical nickname. It is typical of the area to the northwest of the Himalayas, at altitudes between 1,200 and 3,900 meter

Ananas comosus

The tropical pineapple , despite its name, is not a pineapple of the same type as conifers . In fact, the tropical pineapple is a fruit, not a receiving cone of seeds, but many times its shared name can be misleading.

The Ananas comosus is a perennial herb low rise, originally from central America, with rigid sheets of up to 1 meter long. So, when in doubt about what the tropical pineapple tree is like , the answer is that the tropical pineapple is not born from a tree, but from a small tropical plant, as you can see in this photo.

More trees with pinecones

To finish and so that you know more species of trees with pineapples , here we leave you more names and photos:

  • Juniperus communis
  • Juniperus phoenicea
  • Taxus baccata
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Cupressus sempervirens
  • Abies cephalonica
  • Abies concolor
  • Abies excelsa
  • Pinus canariensis
  • Larix kaempferi
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