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How to remove moss from walls

The moss is one of the nightmares worse in many homes because it usually appears on the walls of a house or garden walls when there is excess moisture in the environment. It appears especially when that excess humidity is due to being in an area where the rains are abundant. If it is also a wall or wall through which the water runs practically continuously for a long time, without a doubt the presence of moss will be a fact.

There are times when you will like the moss to appear and you will even try to keep that area humid so that it continues to come out, since it gives a rustic touch to the environment that can be very beautiful, although this is something that not everyone wants to achieve. Anyway, it is best to remove it and if you want something decorative on that wall, plant a vine or ivy.

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Always delete it

As a first option you should always have to remove it , and do everything possible to know what the humidity in that wall is due to, since this way its elimination will be much easier, as well as its prevention. As much as it looks pretty to you, it can attract fungi and various diseases or pests, so take it seriously and as soon as you see it start to come out, fight it.

How to remove it

To eliminate it, you must apply fungicidal or mossicidal products directly on the wall , which are specific for moss, although a normal fungicide will be worth the same. It is advisable to use a brush that has stiff bristles, as this will scrub the moss and it will fall more easily. The small remains that remain can be removed with a spatula or scraper.

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