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The Weeping Willow, a beautiful ornamental tree

The weeping willow tree is one of the most beautiful decorative trees that exist, and the feeling of entering its interior and being surrounded by thousands of leaves is magical, a romantic image that we have seen in hundreds of movies. It is a beautiful deciduous specimen with pendulous foliage whose flexible, pendulous branches even touch the ground.

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Tips for growing a weeping willow tree

Growing and maintaining this tree of Asian origin does not have to be complicated, as it multiplies very well thanks to the good rooting of grafts and cuttings. In general, this tree needs to be planted in warm places, although it can also withstand temperatures of up to 7 or 8 degrees.

The weeping willow is perfect in rather large areas, as it can be 10 to 15 meters high and 10 to 20 meters in diameter. If you have a garden that is too small, it would be preferable that you plant another type of tree, because no matter how well cared for, it would never look as good as in any other large space.

In any case, in large spaces you will also need to find a location somewhat away from any object susceptible to movement, since its roots are quite aggressive and can reach up to 20 meters long. It is also good to move it a bit away from other trees or plants to further highlight its beauty and give it the special category it deserves.

Curiosities of the weeping willow

Do not think that because it is a tree you will need a lifetime to see it grow, because the weeping willow is a fast growing tree that, however, does not usually live more than 60 years .

The beauty and distinction of these trees endows the best ornamental gardens with great elegance.

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